2024/02/05th  – Are enough people awake yet ?

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1a – Are enough people awake yet ?

And did you know Pfizer is one of the biggest Vitamin manufacturers ?

1b – Victorian Hospitals – Fake patients

1c – American Medical Assoc. disgusting decree

2a – What the heck is this ?   2 short videos

2b – DEW Attack In Chile – Just like in Hawaii


2c – Most illegals get a rude awakening when crossing


3a – Wiki Killary email release

3b – The Elites Sick Satanic Perverse Pedophile LGBTQIA+ Gender Inversion

Came up again…showed Kate Middleton…Sandra bullock , Marilyn Monroe…Cher… Obuma linked to tiger woods…….watch it again. Good refresh


4a – This should enrage you – what’s in the blood of babies 

4b – Micro chipping people during surgery. 

If you know anyone who had had surgery you must forward this post to them and tell them to see Item 4b (if you really care for them)

4c – Moderna is looking for 700 babies between the ages of 12-26 weeks old to experiment on. How can this be lawful ?

Any parent has been so brainwashed by the Covid propaganda and is now willing to hand their  baby over to Moderna to be experimented on –  is unfit to be a parent.

4d – 17,000 doctors and lawyers – stop the vaxx


5a – Israeli (jews) trying to prevent aid trucks getting through to Gaza 

5b – WEF Treaty To Ration Meat, Electricity and Gas

5c – Old vid – French boxer smashes riot police

5d – Reaction of Europeans to Russian flag

Townspeople support this guy in the street wearing Russian flag…


6a – Teeny weeny pecker parade 

Section 173(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada makes it illegal to willfully expose one’s genitals to a person under 16, with violators liable to imprisonment for a term no more than two years. Full nudity in front of kids is fine during Pride events, Toronto police say… and then you wonder why the conservatives are mad at the pride parade

6b – Satanic music be gone…  

TIK TOK taken down satanic music……Hope this is true.. even Taylor Swift taken down…

7a – He has been telling us    

You just have to listen and not get lost with all of the noise everywhere else! Irregular warfare is warfare. We are at war! Blessed be the Lord my strength who trains my hands to war & my fingers to fight. We won’t stop until victory

7b – The Invisible Holy war – we are in it now

7c – Listen to what Trump says about the CBDC

7d – WINNING – The globalists appear to be truly fearful…

8a – GM Just shut down EV Production


8b – Ignore what they say, watch what they do: Murray lashes Labor’s luxury hybrid tax


8c – Brilliant lady confronts corruption at a council meeting


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