2024/02/06th  – Why are people so selfish ?

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1 – Why are people so selfish ? – Item 4b last night was clicked on by less than 1/3 of subscribers. Surely someone you know has had surgery recently – don’t you think they would care to know?   A radiation reader costs less than $20. First thing I did after my heart surgery 2.5 yrs ago. I do not know if chips are being inserted in Australia, but we all know there are doctors. nurses and chemists would do anything for $$.

Repeated in case you missed it

A video of Taylor Swift allegedly saying Trump won & F**kJoeBiden is a fake – lip sync is woefully wrong too

2a – The real president  

2b – How they are rigging elections with illegals

3a – 600,000 Lose Power in California – Billion$ in Damage


3b – Chile.. DEW attack like Maui – cars melted, trees not burned

4a – Hundreds of Commonwealth Bank branches and ATMs close across Australia

2nd Feb – why do we have to get mail from UK to know this ?


4b – Government Cheating Scandal Unveils EV’s as a Massive Scam

Here we go boys and girls. If you sell your electric vehicle now, you will be cheating somebody out of all the money they put into buying it from you. The dream has become a nightmare. You will probably be joining a class action soon.  Crime doesn’t pay and the truth always come out.

5a – Covid Vaxx is a death sentence – Tens of thousands of Doctors say … don’t take it


5b – Hydra Vulgaris created in bio lab is being used in vaccinations to create hybrid human beings

6 – Charlie Ward Update On Current Events From Saturday

Charlie spells it out that the plan is well underway – It will get much worse but the end is well in sight. The aircraft carrier Dwight D Eisenhower may be the target of a false flag attack due to the following reason, as of April 2023, Dwight D. Eisenhower is planned to leave service in 2027.

7 – BRICS Is Following G.E.S.A.R.A.

Russian foreign minister says BRICS will not set up “world dictatorship” mechanism BRICS Committed To Building Fairer And Interactive World – OpEd  BRICS nations to drag the US back into the Gold standard.  Iraq has banned several local commercial banks from engaging in U.S. dollar transactions World Gold Council reveals Iraq as 7th largest buyer of gold in 2023 Iraq expressed interest in joining the BRICS UAE and China Complete First $13.6M Cross-Border CBDC Transaction. PM introducing legislation to give every Australian taxpayer a tax cut.  Ripple Payments To Go Live In US Amid SEC Battle. Powell: The US is on an unsustainable fiscal path. Connecticut becomes first state to wipe medical debt for residents.


8 – Satanic Cults In N.S.W. Towns

Whistleblower Deborah Robinson has come forward alleging they still exist in places like Lismore and that they involve prominent people. The article below this video, published in the Canberra Times in 1991, lists Lismore as one of the areas of concern, where people were making complaints to social welfare groups and other agencies about satanic practices).

Deborah Robinson who worked as a teacher for 20yrs, speaks out about child abuse in the small country towns of Australia. Deborah also speaks about her own horrific abuse she went through, as retaliation for disclosing these sinister people. Information about Deborah’s court trial experience can be found near the end of this video.


9 – As the prophet Joel said,

“that in the last days when fire and brimstone shall fall from the skies, which by the way, means the atomic and hydrogen bombs, that whosoever shall call upon the Name of Yahweh shall be saved.” From the national broadcast of Dr  Joseph Jeffers and Dr Helene Jeffers October 29, 1950.  The word Jehovah IS NOT a substitute for His true name, Yahweh.

And Jesus is the wrong name for our Messiah,  Jesus was used as the name of a god many centuries before the Messiah appeared.  The main god of the Druids was called Hesus or Yesus.  When they migrated to Britain they took their pagan god Yesus with them.  When Britain was Christianized the name of their God was not changed.  Today most Christians still call the Saviour Jesus, the same as the Druids centuries before the Messiah!

Please note that the Rotherham Bible uses Yahweh throughout the Old Testament.  It also tells us how the word Jehovah is an impossible translation and was not used until1489 A.D.  What’s your name that your parents gave you?  Very important to know and use the correct name wherever you go!

The above is taken from the teaching of Dr. Jeffers entitled   What difference does it make what we call the Creator?

And remember – The KJV is not a Bible – it is a Version which had been doctored and changed to suit Masonic teachings

10 – The Forest of the fallen – the jabbed who died


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