2024/02/07th  – Tucker Carlson+Putin Interview 

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When are we going to see White Hat action in Australia ? When enough people are awake as in item 10 last night and item 7 below. They are waiting for apathetic Australians to arise


1 – Tucker Carlson + Putin Interview  text only   starts @ 2mins   ok at 2 x speed


2a – The real Taylor Swift 

2b – Taylor Swift ‘Murdered a Fan’ – In Satanic Blood Ritual To Join Illuminati,


3 – King Charles Cancer


4a – Bob Katter fuming – cash rejected at Parliament House café  

4b – DANGER DAN – I’ve been so busy – Albo

4c – Both Godfrey’s & Beaurepaires have gone under.. 

4d – The Voice – The Communist South Australia regime way


5a – Pope Francis Orders Christians To ‘Pray to Satan’ for ‘Real Enlightenment’


5b – This is what Popey wants you to worship

6a – Special Report Judy Byington: Wells Fargo, Bank of America,

US Bank, Citizens, TD and Key Bank All Shutting Down Branches in Preparation For Global Economic – Crash – Restored Republic via a GCR as of February 6, 2024


6b – BRICS is getting golden while fiat is declining


7 – The murder of a WHITE grandma in Qld by a black African

Attention STEPHEN MILES MLA Acting as the general manager of the QUEENSLAND TREASURY CORPORATION ABN 15 736 217 171 and QUEENSLAND TREASURY ABN 90856 020 239 and QUEENSLAND TREASURY HOLDINGS PTY LTD ABN 52 011 027 295

Listen up Dipshit, I have stood up and said this murder could have been prevented. It would never have happened if he, who does not fit into our Australian community had never been allowed to come here. He quite obviously has no respect for life or limb and no respect for we people of Australia and no respect for our law. Killing one of our grandmothers is beyond the pale. The pathetically weak judicial system will probably see the courts wipe his bum for him and send him back out onto the streets to offend again. The police will probably assist him to find his mother and get a suck on the welfare system again. 

He needs whipping to instil in him some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, but then you have none for THE PEOPLE so what on earth could you do to make the people of Queensland safer?  The Rattan cane works wonders in Singapore. We need that here. Do you know what R-E-S-P-E-C-T is you pathetic little creature?  We thank our good God you and your miserably pathetic little labor mob will, be gone after the next election. We note that the Palacechook is wearing a moon boot. Is that to hide her monitoring bracelet? You need to grow a set of balls and instead of giggling like a little girl you need to stand up for the people of Queensland and Australia as that it what you were elected for, and paid for, with OUR MONEY. You never earn it so why should we give it to you? It is abundantly clear that you have very little general knowledge, knowledge no matter how much you cheated your way through university to get a doctorate in unionism/socialism/communism.

You should be aware that your little “government” organisations are Trading Companies. Did you know this? Peruse the following for some real information to toss around with the two immature brain cells that wander the inside of your cranium. Further to this is the fact that the High Court of Australia, an artificial legal entity with an ABN 69 445 188 986, ruled in COMMUNICATIONS, ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC, ENERGY, INFORMATION, POSTAL, PLUMBING AND ALLIED SERVICES UNION OF AUSTRALIA & ORS v QUEENSLAND RAIL & ANOR [2015] HCA 11H I G H C O U R T O F A U S T R A L I A
Please direct enquiries to Ben Wickham, Senior Executive Deputy Registrar
Telephone: (02) 6270 6893

Email: bwickham@hcourt.gov.au Website: www.hcourt.gov.au COMMUNICATIONS, ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC, ENERGY, INFORMATION, POSTAL, PLUMBING AND ALLIED SERVICES UNION OF AUSTRALIA & ORS v QUEENSLAND RAIL & ANOR [2015] HCA 11 that any company/organisation entity, such as you and yours, with an ABN, is a trading company and comes under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). Incidentally the High Court of Australia, by that ruling, has ruled itself ineligible to impose penalties except upon those who are employed by it, however with the high level of corruption in the judicial system and the police system no doubt it will be quite OK for it to continue unabated. Try very hard to wrap your pea brain around all of this. You think I am racist? Well suck on it as I am not. As far as I am concerned you are nothing better than a pathetic little pissant. LEONARD WILLIAM

In addition to the excellent letter by Leonard, no low life thug of any colour would consider home invasion if they knew every resident may be armed with even a 0.22 pistol. There would have been no murder – Thanks John Howard for disarming us.

Add that to your letter to anyone in Govt.

In Texas recently an armed thug attempted to rob a store. Shoppers there did not tremble in fear waiting for an hour or so for police to arrive, eleven of them shot the mongrel dead.

8 – 1921 US 1 Dollar Coin, which opens the secret safe using the sword as a key.

9 – Tunnels Under Tuggerah Westfield’s Shopping Centre South Of Sydney

10 – The Vanished Glory of the Tartarian Empire: Unearthing a Lost Civilization

There are some very interesting videos here


11 – Your Country’s Been Sold



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