2024/02/09th  – How to stop youth crimes 

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1 – How to stop youth crimes + burglars

2a – Putin offers incredible terms for peace with Ukraine in Tucker Carlson interview

Perhaps as a “right of reply” a Russian journalist should interview Biden for 2 hours


2b – Putin about to drop a bombshell on Hillary Clinton in Tucker Carlson interview?


2c – The Vladimir Putin Interview – full 2hrs


3 – Trump on ending the war ASAP 


4a – Lies and fraud: Climate “scientists” come clean

4b – Food as a weapon triggers farmers protests – Labor Fraud Agenda

5a – The damning proof that viruses do not exist


5b – Aluminium in the rain  

6a – Does Australia have a Belligerent Occupation – John Wilson solution … “we need more awake people”

6b – The White Rabbit – Emergency Broadcast


7 – UN 1947 meeting re-Israel

8a – The secret covenant by John D Rockerfeller

8b – The Secret Government – Steven Greer

9a – Magnetrons, Cathedrals, and…reality. 

9b – Movement of the stars within the dome + God’s clock

“The Word of God is the anvil upon which the opinions of men are smashed.” — Charles H. Spurgeon


10 – Frequency – Trey Smith Bible Study


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