2024/02/10th  – Did Charles get a “cancer cure” jab?

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1a – Did Charles get “cancer cure” jabbed – better get yours eh??

So I am not the only one thinking about this possibility ? Some say he has been removed as part of London Bridge operation in progress – what can we believe any more

1b – Cancer cure.  …Healing device – frequencies

1c – There are many natural cures that work


1d – Dr Martin

2a – Horrific Aftermath of Jabbed Patients


2b – Don’t fall into this trap – Hugo Talks


3a – Stew Peters Searing 10-min on Tucker/Putin

If you love your ‘synagogue of Satan’ (i.e. the national, anti-Christ state of Israel), as Yeshua (Jesus) called them, this one’s gonna be hard to hear.

3b – Tucker-Putin – Bro Nathanael


4a – Australian Corrupt illegal unlawful Govt.

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4b – Car – cloning number plates – beware

4c – Australian weather modification

This is happening off the coast of QLD at the Great Barrier Reef – Some say this is the White Hats spraying stuff to counter the harmful chemtrails – hope so – who can know ?

4d – The Internet lie

5a – Deagle update – Australia 18 million

List of Countries Forecast 2025 (archive.org)


5b – 100% Scientific Proof why the Jabbed are Dying Suddenly

Start 20 min in…even from the start is good but longish, even mentions Dan Andrews …Very good doctor explains ….


6 – Elon Musk – water powered cars ?

7a – World changing revelation –  Gesara News 


7b – Holly Celiano & Mr X – NESARA Is Real


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