2024/02/13th  – Severe storms are getting worse

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There seems to be a deliberate lack of real White Hat info available. Something’s up for sure ? Get on your knees.

1 – Severe storms are getting worse in Australia


2 – Former Presidents don’t get this much

And Biden + Obama never had and ambulance in the motorcades

3 – Elon Musk, Vivek & Trump made huge announcement partnership


4 – Commo John – Unplugged.

5a – Laser high-tech insect control Monsanto will not like

It has a new RNA bug spray for food crops – amazing stuff. Some new technology is good. Can it be used for nefarious reasons?


5b – European farmers plan Brussels ‘invasion’ to end EU’s green tyranny


6a – GESARA “The arrival of God’s money”

Be patient – It will come at the right time


6b – Trust Accounts Advice – Start @ 1 hr 58mins


7 – 20 Strange things in Australia


8 – No Uni courses, degrees nor permits needed

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