2024/02/14th  – Something ‘Weird’ Is Happening

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Not many items tonight – I am tired – besides there are so many items which are either stuff we already know and we are tired of talking heads taking hours to say what could be said in 10 mins. Everything is someone’s opinion. I trust you find this lot interesting. We can only hope and be prepared to be and do what we all must

1a – Something ‘Weird’ Is Happening Worldwide


1b – Ted Turner who has six children – Climate change BS in 2008  

1c – Six Billionaires Died In A Plane Crash On The Way To The Super Bowl


2a – Patriot Princess Nails it

2b – Alex Soros is afraid of Trump

2c – Dutch fishermen have joined the farmers 

3 – The White Rabbit – Boom the Cancer

4a- Peta Credlin – electricity warning after Victoria blackouts


4b – Man Made Clouds

5a – Donald Trump attacks EVs for 7 Reasons


6 – If there is such a thing as Evil Off the Chart Israel has earned it. Attention joo lovers

7 – Australia Underground

Many would not have a clue as to the enormity of this network. Why Trump never visited in 4 years, nor any PM visited the USA while in Trump’s admin in the 4 years (please correct me if I’m wrong)??? (PM Scott Morrison visited Trump in September, 2019. See below) Research @GeneDecode on Bitchute, Rumble, Telegram and @CirstenW for more on D.U.M.Bs (deep underground military bases)

FAR Peter D on Telegram: It is not the people of Australia it is the country of Australia which is a major Drakon Stronghold. The Global Elite originally set up Canberra Parliament House as their Central place of Governance to Rule the Planet. The Headquarters of the major US Intelligence Agency , is not Langley , Virginia it is Melbourne Australia . Central Australia contains the major underground facilities in the world,  which are built like underground hotels where the Global Elite planned to take shelter after they implemented their original global extermination plan  and then only come out once the dust settles . Under Canberra are many levels of Draconian bases accessed via submarine and via the craft which land while cloaked in the lake, which is located in front of the Parliament House  (Lake  Burley Griffin). Under the lake they can access the many levels located under Australia’s Parliament House. Under Uluru ( Ayers Rock)  located in the Centre of Australia is the major Genetic Cloning Lab Facility in the World for the Dark. Under Pine Gap,  which is located in Australia is the major UFO monitoring facility in the world utilised by the Global Elite .

Most of the Children that are conceived in underground facilities are conceived in the Underground facilities located under the Western Suburbs of Sydney and then taken to Circular Quay Harbour in Sydney and then shipped around the world In crates VIA P&O Cruise Lines to places like New York, LA, The Middle East and Europe, to then be used in Satanic Sacrificial Rituals, Child Hunting  and in Adrenochrome Harvesting .

Australia has a MASSIVE underground Tunnel System and is littered with DRAKON bases and all connected by major tunnel systems built over 200 years ago  using Draconian ET Tech. Tunnels from Melbourne run directly to Tasmania and from Tasmania to Antarctica. Tunnels from Sydney Run to New Zealand and to Norfolk Island. Tunnels from Sydney run to Canberra and from Canberra Pine Gap and to Uluru ( Ayers Rock ) and also to Melbourne. Tunnels from Perth ( Geraldton ) in Western Australia run directly to South Africa. Tunnels from Darwin run into Indonesia. Under Coober Pedy located in South Australia, MINERALS  are mined underground , by CHAINED HUMAN SLAVES and then shipped directly to Alpha Draconis. Australia is not what most believe. Australia is a major GLOBAL stronghold for the Dark and at present the Dark are desperately trying to hang on to one of their last remaining strongholds on the planet. That is why the Stand over tactics are in place at present against anyone who dare Rise up. FROM @TruthSeekersZ ARALICES FLOOR, Tunnels below Tunnels. FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT. Australia Pine Gap – Northern Territory – South Australia – Victoria. CIA Human-Alien- Animal Experiments – Chimera’s Some Twelve Feet Tall. All the missing children. Australia PM Scott Morrison Meets Trump For White House State Dinner


8a – Texas wants to join BRICS

8b – QFS on Govt Website

8c – Sue’s big Call – hmm more hopium ?

8d – Vietnamese Dong update


9 – Golf Texas Style

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