2024/02/15th  – The EU has surrendered to the farmers  

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1 – The EU has surrendered to the farmers  

2a – What might the Cabal next attempt ?

2b – Why can’t Biden Talk ?

2c – Joe Biden’s biggest lie

ABC poll from last weekend:  86% of Americans believe that Joe Biden is too old to be president now. Not just for the 2024 election, but now.  73% of Democrats believe it also.  Democrats and media are using the word “old” to try to drag Trump into this assessment about Biden.  Do not confuse “old” with lack of cognitive ability.  Biden is cognitively impaired.  Trump is cognitively sharp.   

3a – Anthony Albanese’s biggest election lie


3b – Putin disappointed at Tuckers questions 

3c – Why is Trump warning of World War III ? 


3d – Trump: These are the first things I’ll do on my first day back


4a – Power rests in the hands of the people – Major Norman Olson

4b – Bill Turner in Melbourne

Non Payment of Council Rates In Australia and New Zealand – Five Councils in New Zealand about to apply for bankruptcy.


4c – Calling All Australians – End The Belligerent Occupation

5a – Transfer of QueensLAND to First Nations

The tiny Queensland town of Toobeah is slowly being given away by the Government to our “First Nations” people. Even though many of us were also born here in Australia, apparently, they were here first and are entitled to free land. Apparently this is “closing the gap”, but in my reckoning, it’s just “widening the gorge”. Divide Australians up by their ethnicity. That will play out well, won’t it.  Read more on the link


Almost all of the usual suspects in the window above need to be booted out of OUR PARLIAMENT, the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, NEVER TO RETURN. They are not Australians and have no concept of the FACT that we have a treaty with what goes by the word “government”, in actual fact a CORPORATION, and it is called The Commonwealth Constitution and it tells “government what it can and cannot do.

Section 2 of the Queensland State Constitution says that the Queensland Parliament has the power to make laws with respect to PEACE, ORDER and WELFARE of the people, meaning THE PEOPLE of Queensland of all colours, creeds, religions, shapes and sizes. The Parliament of Queensland DOES NOT have the power to discriminate between Queensland PEOPLE. The claimed first people, who claim to have been here between 60,000and 100,000 years, ARE NOT the first people. That title goes to the Melanesians who came here first, mixed with people from the forests of Indonesia and Philippines and are known to be people small of stature and their descendants still live around North Queensland,

The current claimants arrived here a few centuries years ago from India, They were Dravidians, They walked across most of the way from India, on the land bridges before the seas rose. They brought their village dogs with them and they became known as dingos. Both the people and the dog’s DNA has been traced back to South East India. Ernie Dingo has had his DNA traced back to Dravidians. The current claimants mercilessly slaughtered the small people all over the continent and also ate them. Read up on Aboriginal Cannibalism and Infanticide for the truth of it. Books available and have been for many years. The Aboriginals used Infanticide as a population control. They never got to Tasmania because the seas had risen before they got to the South East and did not know it was there, The Melanesians got here long before and were the first people to occupy that Island. The last remaining Tasmanian Melanesian died in Hobart on the 8th of May 1876.

“The Melanesians were the first to ever set foot on Tasmania, to the best of knowledge, and lived there until the Europeans arrived there. The last remaining full-blood first Tasmanian passed away on the 8th of May 1876 in Hobart. She was Truganini, aka Lallah Rookh, born on Bruny Island. Truganini, also known as Lallah Rookh (c. 1812 – 8 May 1876) was an Aboriginal Tasmanian woman. She was one of the last native speakers of the Tasmanian languages and one of the last individuals solely of Aboriginal Tasmanian descent.  She was a true Tasmanian. Any good Internet search will bring this information to light.”



These clowns on OUR PARLIAMENT in George Street need a good lesson in history before we boot them out. Wake right up and do some research people, before all is taken from you by bastards who have no right to.


6 – The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich 

7a – Unleashing the Power of Dragonfire – Not Sci-Fi Directed Energy Weapon. by Celeste Solum

7b – Square Clouds ??

8a – Good News for the unvaxxed – Dr John O’Looney


8b – White clots common  Major Tom Haviland


8c – Your supplements are a lie …… ok at 1.25 speed   

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8d – Psuedplant Life – Fibres and Food

I feel sick after this – question is what can we do –  not just in meat.


9 – Nesara/Gesara – Outsiders jumping in the gold train


10 – More giants from the recent past

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