2024/02/17th  – they have no intention of telling the truth

I need a few days off due to battle fatigue – Just 6 important items which will require your full attention. Thank you

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1 – They are not listening



2 – National Strike motion link



3 – Jordan Maxwell’s final Lecture

No one will agree with everything anyone says but Jordan is a walking Encyclopedia on many subjects. He is NOT and does NOT claim to be a prophet. Keep in mind that by listening and thinking about opposing points of view, you learn more and get closer to the truth. Use your own discernment. 

@ 1.52mins in … Jordan said there going to be some ‘terrible times coming .. esp. in Oct. this year’ …. @ 1.54 mins – he talks about Jesuits & shows many books written about them ….

@ 17.57 … he shows his book  ‘ Jordan Maxwell exposes The Illuminati’ & says …’people that gave religions ‘Christianity, Judaism & Islam.

@ 19.30 … he says ‘the Bible’ is the greatest story ever told … BUT it is just that ‘a story’ .. & once you understand where it came from & what is being said it will extraordinarily impact your life, because the whole of Christianity & Judaism & Islam is based on 2 things .. the power of the sun & sex.   Sex is the basis for Christianity, Judaism & Islam.  Sex is a very powerful force in the world & most people are totally unaware of all the symbols that are right in front of you.

@ 2.02.28 .. person calls out Q .. ‘who will be next president’ ..   He says ‘You already have him’  Trump will be next president .. BUT going to be very difficult as they are planning on some kind of international movement against Trump – there’s no doubt in my mind about that – we are going to go thru some terrible times because they are trying to overthrow him & get him out of office because they know that he knows what’s going on & he knows who the enemy is & they are trying to get rid of him because they know the next election is going to be really tough .. so I believe we are going to see some terrible things happening soon’ ….

Read screed after his vid too click the link to play at 1.25 or 1.5


4 – Putin Confirms Q + President Trump: “The Time is Now”

SG Anon discusses Obama’s treason, FISA s701, Antarctica exposure and DEClas, President Trump and “Next Phases” for USA continuity operations, and Russian President Putin’s confirmation of Q. We Win. They Lose. WWG1WGA. Play @ 1.25 speed


5 – The Motive Of The Transgender Movement

An excellent 10 minute interview with human rights lawyer, summing up what’s at the heart of the motive of the transgender movement.

6 – A quick overview of NASA releasing visible chemicals into the sky

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