2024/02/19th  – A lesson in language

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The panic is setting in as the depth of the corruption within the system is revealed. That will prompt even more fear and deception as they try to maintain their power.

1a – How to brainwash 7 billion people 

Because of the above video, I will be not putting up any more stuff about what the WEF plans to lock us up in 15 minute cites or “hey, look at what this Cabal  guy is doing” or “hey listen to foul mouth people who cannot control himself or  ”did you know there are bad things in every jab?“ where it takes talking heads an hour to say it – and all the similar items I get sent. Look at the wins and good things that are happening PLUS some things you may never have heard about

1b – The Great Reset Became The Great Awakening 

1c – Hillary (who is supposed to be dead) reacts to Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin

2 – A lesson language – be offended or not

Man is not defiled by what goes into his mouth, but, what comes out of it in bad, offensive, obscene speech – This defiles the whole person. Some will justify their offensive language by using the Dutch word fokken. It means “to breed animals.” There’s even a name for farmers who specialise in breeding animals. A man who does so is a fokker; a woman who does so is a fokster. And they both work at a fokkerij, or “stud farm”. But I guess those using this word as an offensive verb, think they are tough or something. There are several verses so-called Christians should take notice of – Matt 5.35 + 36 and especially 12.37 for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

The Lord sets them right: “You blind fools! A man is not defiled by what goes into his mouth and leaves the body again by the natural channels; but what comes out of the mouth in evil thoughts of the heart, bad, obscene speech, slander, perjury, all kinds of lies, deceit, envy, greed, unchastity, harlotry, adultery, gluttony and intemperance, also with your clean foods, – this defiles the whole person. [13] That which man eats  and drinks for the necessary invigoration of his body will make him neither happy nor unhappy, this depends only on what he believes and what he does” see Matt 15 10-20

3 – English Is Reversed Hebrew  

4a – Still think this is a conspiracy theory? 

5 – David Wilcox on the 3 World wars  

6a – Long Time Democrat Voter Shares How Donald Trump Changed His Life


6b – ‘Entire world’ saw that Trump is ‘100% right’ about this: Trump campaign spokesperson

6c – Tucker Carlson : WOW, this is Really Taking Place


7 – Coles and Woolworths

If Australians don’t wake up and get off their butts we will have no Independent grocery stores as well as other smaller retail shops because of the duopoly establishment in Australia. Eventually sooner than you think we will all be paying more for items and it will only get worse for the next generation as there is No Resistance and No Boycotting.  Shopping is now a political choice to fend off what is coming.  We all have to make sacrifices as we are in an asymmetrical war and the Australian economy with small and intermediate businesses is on the frontline for the Trans-nationals who are in bed with this criminal Technocratic Corpocracy Surveillance Regime masquerading as dejure “government”.  We don’t have much time left and much time has been utterly wasted in Idleness…

While people continue to shop there and fail to use cash – they are showing their contempt for small shops and neighbours

8 – 17 million dead from the jab (compilation)

9a – The Watchers. ELOhiM – Jordan Maxwell

I am not promoting Jordan – believe what you will or prove him wrong


9b – 33rd degree knowledge: taught ONLY to a select few.


9c – UFOS, “Alien Invasions”, and 3 Letter Agencies.

10 – “British Tesla” – goes BUST after not selling a SINGLE van


11a – Cure Parkinsons + Cancer + Covid – Dr Ardis on nicotine

COPY AND PASTE INTO YOUR URL https://odysee.com/@Frequency432:c/Dr-Ardis-on-nicotine-02-14-2024:b

11b – What about Ivermection ??

which Trump promoted and Clive Palmer brought $1m worth to Australia – Our govt destroyed it all


12a – QFS update from Graham

12b – Nesara/Gesara – “Things are moving at a furious pace”

Some say it is a giant psyop – who can know – we will see


13 – Manual of Free energy devices and systems by D.A. Kelly


14 – A bit of humour or sadness for the bloke ? – Barnaby Joyce’s greatest hits

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