2024/02/20th  – Good news about Med-Beds and other GOOD news

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There is not much trustworthy news being released from the forces of good, so here are a number of pics for ye with little time to read long articles or to watch long videos – Hold on ! You must listen to 6a

1a – Good news about Med-Beds

From Telegram – no further info

1b – The farmers have conquered Europe


1c – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces the plans for an 80-acre base at Eagle Pass to house National Guard troops for securing the border.    

2a – Blackout coming ?  

Found on Telegram – USA I presume – no other info

2b – HAARP Earthquake maker

2c – California Alert


3a – Californication Song from 1999

3b – Bosi – a quick message

3c – We are many but they are few

3d – Aussie bank boss wants to keep cash alive

4a – Ten Minutes Of Traitors To Australia.

Every Single Publicly Listed Australian in the World Economic Forum Check out how many universities appear. Probably most of them could not drive a nail accurately into a piece of wood or change a tap washer ?

4b – Lying pig Pałaszczuk

She did not get the poisonous covid injection, it was a show put on for the lying MSM cameras. No wonder she resigned and it has been reported that she has been seen around the Gold Coast wearing an ankle tracking bracelet under a moon boot since leaving the cowards castle.

5a – Smart Meters cutting off your power is no longer a conspiracy theory. It’s already here


5b – The White Rabbit – Government, What Government ?

6a – Wyatt update 20 Feb

↓↓ Sign up here please ↓ National Strike motion


6b – The Fall of the House of Windsor Not with a Bang, but a Whimper

The Fall of the House of Windsor – Not with a Bang, but a Whimper. The British Royal Family are abdicating. They’re abandoning ship, due to the exposure by Joseph Gregory Hallett and the rise of King David and King John as Prophesised. King David and King John III have fulfilled the Prophecies and this changes everything. Note: 40 videos have just been removed from this Youtube channel, and Movavi are demanding an £80 subscription to remove a watermark they just began adding. Other than that … it’s world peace. Can you feel it. “Comments” are hard to come by.


7 – Remembering the great years – the 1950s

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