2024/02/21st  – The greatest show on Earth

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1 – Stand up

We have a short window of time, as the globalists and radical left controlling the World Health Organization are planning a so-called ‘marathon’ – a two-week stretch in Geneva starting this February 19th.

↓↓ Sign up here please ↓ National Strike motion


2 – The greatest show on Earth

The best movie of all time. You’ll love how it ends. Tucker arrested ???

3a – Truckers for Trump threaten boycott after New York fraud case ruling

Trumps lawyers say the judge (no jury) was paid $10 million to get Trump ?


3b – What do you make of this ?

3c – Mass illegal immigration is destroying western countries 

Deliberate? – of course. knowing millions will die soon and there will be many empty houses, they bring in undesirables to destroy the white races and as workers for the future

4a – 1000 people diagnosed with cancer each day in the UK

4b – Excess deaths in Aust – same as 2 jumbo jet crashes per week

5a – Foreign Queensland Police – WARNING! You Will Be Treated as a Belligerent Force


5b – The Great Aussie Ponzi

6a – Woolworths how to scam an Aussie farmer 

6b – Woolworth CEO resigns

6c – Radio just said Telstra CEO resigned also – nothing on net yet

6d – Virgin Australia CEO to step down – Sky News Australia


7 – Piers Morgan is on to it

confronts Norm Finkelstein and Rabbi Shmuley: “If Israel is so precise, why is it killing so many children?”  watch Shmuley react at the end

8a – The All New Pinocchio Show in Canberra

Malcolm says he is all for Local Govt – (how about Referendum 1999) 


8b – It looks like this article last night was a hoax 

9a – Nesara/Gesara “Introducing the QFS”


9b – Q + EBS Activation Complete Worldwide, Black Swan

Good news… just  looks bad because all out there… @40 mins, many Democrats majors step down for child porn…snake venom   @ 50 mins, USA town has no cars  for net zero


9c – Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb 20th


10 – A letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar

describing the physical appearance of Yeshua.    The Romans had their Hansard too.

Full text – https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/churches/01d-the-physical-appearance-of-jesus/


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