2024/02/22nd  – Good + Bad News never stops

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PS Willie Nelson has died

1a – Pope reveals the Anti-Christ + Kim Clements comments

1b – Blue Beam and the Voice of God

1c – Verdict Won’t Stand – New York Judge Gets Smack down


2a – 70 corrupt Democrats go down in NY City 

2b – General Michael Flynn movie coming soon 

2c – Steve Pieczenik Talking About The Clinton Coup-d-Etat In 2016

This video has been seen by the media but, they have been ordered never to mention it.

3a – 2 out of 3 Americans will be gone in 2025


3b – Bank of England going down ??


4a – Approvals imminent for Swiss mining company to dump 330,000 tonnes of mine waste into Great Artesian Basin


4b – Labor ‘crackdown’ on caravan homes




5a – Who Controls the Australian Parliament

5b – Julian Gillespie – restrictions on doctors…

forcing them to tow the government’s line on pharmaceutical products have destroyed the trust formerly found in the doctor/patient relationship.

5c – Foreign paedophiles, three murderers and criminals released

A paedophile who raped a 10-year-old boy, a hit man who blew up a pregnant woman with explosives and a sex predator who attacked elderly women are among the foreign criminals released into the community following a landmark High Court decision. The court ruled last week that it is unconstitutional to indefinitely detain criminals who can’t be deported to their home countries. The Albanese Government, which fought the ruling, remained under fire over the fallout in parliament on Tuesday.

6a – Alex Antic discusses Sydney plans with Rita Panahi on Sky News.  

6b – Another resignation – they’re gittin out eh ?

6c – And just like that, dead bodies just disappear – Katie Hopkins


7a – Elon Musk – $10,000 for a 2 bedroom home

7b – Good news never stops


7c – Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb 21


7d – Current info about Gesara and Nesara

Dear brothers of this beautiful Earth, Greetings! I’m Saint Germain and I’m here today to talk a little about what’s going on in your world. The GESARA/NESARA law is being implemented slowly and with great caution. This is the Liberation Plan, the plan that will allow each of you to have healthy food, that you all have a roof that protects you, and have a job to walk the path of your soul. This financial process has the OBJECTIVE of destroying the immense fortunes of those who have taken them from you for centuries, and even millennia. The idea here is, to help each person on their journey, so they can have what they always wanted.
* The implementation process is slow because it does not use any existing financial basis.  The System is Quantum and is Maneuvered and Maintained by Light. It will NOT be their rulers who will determine how much each person will receive. THIS IS ALREADY DEFINED.
So, we know exactly who all are that will receive something from this Project.
Many may think there is a judgement on the value each person will receive. But this could never be the same; for if it were, those who stole from them eternally would also receive. And of course, all this is coming from the exchange process.
THE NEW COIN will not represent any of the currencies existing today.
We can’t say all leaders of all countries agreed with this. Because for many, having power, having a lot of money helps fund wars and superiority and it all ends.
* There will be no more wars on your planet. The weapons are gone!
* Each one will receive what is due to them according to their way. We are being very fair. We can’t give out dates. It all depends on the implementation of the System worldwide.
* Nations will receive what is rightfully due to them and what has been stolen from them.
* Will not be affected by debts with other countries. This is already over. Each Country will be able to sustain according to what it produces, according to its financial flow.
* With all this process, begins the cleanup of the Industries, which kept them under a total yoke. They will be removed little by little All these companies will be destroyed, this is just part of what will happen.
* With this I want you to understand that the process is slow. There are many variables along the process.. When it will end, we don’t know.
Much depends on the attitude of rulers and leaders of all countries. And there are many, as I told you, who don’t accept this. This, my darlings, SLOWS DOWN the whole process. But the Project will be Implemented, be Safe.
* We can’t leave this Project in the hands of the governors, who have always manipulated it.

8a – Who owns the Great Pyramid ? 

8b – New York 1930 – no one is overweight 

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