2024/02/24th  – Are you ready for martial law ?

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1a – Are you ready for martial law ?

The panic is setting in as the depth of the corruption within the system is revealed. That will prompt even more fear and deception as they try to maintain their power.

1b – RV update from Graham – CBCD is dead

2a – 80 Doctors Died In The Last 60 Days in Canada

Wonder how many patients these Dr’s jabbed before they died?

2b – The world’s largest COVID-19 vaccine study


3 – Does the Firefighter’s Union want to see Victoria burn  ?

4 – Is your Pastor, Church or organisation woke ?


5 – Please respect the millions of brave men and women…

... who are right now globally deployed in active war duty fighting your combat Obliterating the globalist Deep State and all linked rogue democratic political systems since March 27th 2020, covert. https://rumble.com/v4dyewt-disclosure.html

Trump haters and critics – take note. He was lied to re the jab !

Pascal Najadi – “President Trump & President Putin are not guilty of anything in the Covid PsyOp and Democide created out of and with Switzerland”- US Covert Mil. War Op. #STORM Judgement 


6a – The Royal Coat of Arms – 7 News


6b – Global Paedophile Ring Unearthed In Sydney. Hundreds Of Men Snared.


6c – The whistle blower Barry Young is back in High Court this morning. NZ

https://www.1news.co.nz/2024/02/23/covid-19-vaccine-data-leak-barry-young-reappears-in court/#:~:text=A%20former%20Health%20New%20Zealand,ahead%20of%20his%20jury%20trial

7 – I just signed the ‘END THE BELLIGERENT OCCUPATION – NATIONAL AUSTRALIAN STRIKE’ petition – pls support it


8 – More reasons to pay cash  

9 – Flying Machine  from the 1900s

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