2024/02/25th  – So much to see and know

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Panic is setting in as the depth of the corruption is revealed. Knowing and understanding will set you free from worry – “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). This means we are free, not merely because we can choose, but only when we have chosen well. For to choose poorly, through folly or malice, in a way that thwarts our nature, is to enslave ourselves to the transitory,

1a – Beware Smartass Fruit – Supermarket food fresh, not just processed food, we eat is destroyed before we eat it. 

1b – Lettuce, Tomato and now Cigarette jabs

1c – McDonald’s Toxic French Fries

1d – Super Sprouts – Grow your own

2a – Compilation of interest

2b – Poisoning our water Tim Dwyer

3a – Let’s assume that man-made ‘climate change’ is real

3b – The world population hoax..

4 – What is Geofencing and – How Does it Work

Initially you must not have a smart phone and then after “they” work out others ways to ‘tag’ you we have to learn how to escape those tags. A big game for real. 

5a – Kash Patel: This is a rigged system of justice


5b – Big Win Overturns California Gun Control Law 23 Feb 2024

5c – Another semi win by Chris Sky

6a – Trump haters and critics – take note. He was lied to re the jab

Excerpt from Item 5https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/2024-02-24th-are-you-ready-for-martial-law/ 

6b – E.O. 13818 If you followed Trump’s E.O.’s – you know why these homes are for sale


6c – New President of El Salvador at CPAC Warns, – Next US President Must Identify & Defeat Forces of Evil


7a – Chemtrails over Dubbo – reported on MSM


7b – Vaccination by Air – Australia 

7c – Vaxx by air – Aust Govt records

7d – They Have Made Airborne JA8S – looks like world wide

8a – Mascot Tower owners receive sale contracts, with owners set to lose hundred of thousands

‘Worn out’ Mascot Towers owners have been given an opportunity to sell their defect-riddled assets, however in doing so, they stand to lose hundreds of thousands.


8b – Family ‘disgusted’ after camera records mum’s treatment at aged care home | A Current Affair


8c – Hidden camera reveals abuse by care home staff of dementia patient Ann King


9a – The Red Cross is a global industrialized child and human trafficking cartel.

Gail McGovern, President and CEO. Salary $640,483

9b – Drugs, guns, corruption Australia – paid suspect companies to run offshore detention


10a – The Modern Art Of Disguise, & who is Q?

10b – Breaking! Military Rolls Out Med Beds, Begins Training for Life-Saving Operations


7c – Putin’s New Church – amazing


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