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Just a few items – We have so many good things happening but they are obscured by many fear tactic articles and about the evil doings of some in high places where we have no way of checking – all hearsay.   The panic is setting in as the depth of the corruption within the system is revealed. That will prompt even more fear and deception as they try to maintain their power. Trump is far from perfect and he has made bad decision, as was Moses and Paul, but God still used them. Please note that the notifications appear to be going out – there was nothing sinister causing the problem which I hope has now been resolved

1 – Who knows what to believe anymore ?

UPDATED: List Of Indictments, Arrests And Executions!! Dismantling The Deep State Operatives And Doubles!! Who knows what to believe any more ? Updated 18 Jan 2024  There is a new and updated lists that has been confirmed with many more added to it each day. It is getting hard to ignore now. The doubles and AI clones were activated and the deep state now work for Trump.  We have won with DECLAS, the show is just for the sleepers and to reveal the hidden players!


2 – He’s the one behind everything – but he’s been executed – right ??

3a – British PM – Rishi Sunak

British PM and #WEF2030Agenda devotee #Sunak invested $500 million of his private funds into Moderna through a company called Thelema Partners in a notorious tax haven in the Caymen Islands. Afterwards he stated in parliament that the vaccine was “safe and effective” while then going on to roll out further permissions for Moderna to set up further vaccine producing interests within the UK. Did he use his position as Prime Minister to make massive personal profits while knowingly or even unknowingly causing harm to the British people and has he broken the National Security Act which states “if you’re working in secret for a foreign power to use or abuse your knowledge in a way that causes harm to our citizens you will be a criminal.” Former Head of MI6 Sir Alex Younger.

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3b – Rishi Sunak’s Family Raking In BILLIONS From Gaza Oil

4 – Kash Patel: This Is ‘The Single Most Important Thing’ Conservatives Can Do To Get Trump Elected


5 – I love you Mum

6 – A most interesting site – The Q story

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7 – The Reason They Hate Donald Trump.

Not so much here in Oz, but ours are still greedy cheats who can somehow make money for themselves but not fix OUR economy. Pauline Hanson – $20 million – John Howard $30m  


8 – Military Build Up In Darwin?

Forwarded from Nick Diamand Hi, I live in Darwin & confirm what a lot of u are saying is true. There has been a massive military build up in Darwin the last few months.  I can say over 25, 000 Foreign Troops in Darwin under the pretence of Military exercise. 15,000 are USA Troops, 4,000 Indiana & balance Singaporean/Japanese.  Prior to the Lock Down on Sunday I only heard the Fighter Jets/choppers  @ night, now  u can hear them during the day flying out of RAAF in Darwin.  We have Military action in Darwin 24 hours a day with jets etc.The USA have brought  there big guns here, massive fighter jets & choppers.  The Granites Gold Mine were the Coronavirus Outbreak occurred has a tunnel entrance to Pine Gap.  

The Pine Gap DUMB stretch’s past the Gold Mine in the Tanami to Alice Springs all the way to Black Mountain in QLD.  The Alliance is Attacking the Deep State via the entrance of Granites Gold Mine.  Alice Springs went into lock down a few day ago with an out break in another mine with Coronavirus.  There is another entrance in the mine in Alice Springs we’re the Alliance is entering the DUMBS.  We have had casualties reported but what they said in the media on Sunday was loss from training exercise.  Pine Gap is hell on earth, a friend of mine is a former fire fighter who told me that many who were called  there when fire alarms went off, never wanted to go & check & stayed on the Fire Truck.The Reptilians have committed many bad things to the native Australians, as they are  spiritual & have an attachment to the land.   Uluru is the heart of Gia & this is why the native Australians wanted the sacred rock back in their control away from the Lizards.

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