2024/02/27th  – What the World needs

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1a – What the World needs

1b – 2024 Simpsons telling you – the grid will go down and to stock up on food.

It will last 9 months. It will kill millions. The message being spread in all languages

1c – Italian TV now openly MOCKS our not so beloved Joe Biden


2 – Tucker Carlson – Assassination attempt 

3a – Trump’s New advert + Gen Flynn Message 

Trump voters are cleaning up across the nation. There is no doubt who is winning the election primaries, so who would be able to contest a win IF there were an election in November—not that there will be

3b – Military cannot reveal their operations 

So President Trump helps us along with comms. He does his best to let us know things are going on… he and no one can talk about it!

3c – 100 Countries on High Alert for Massive Military Strike

Against Global Corruption, Elite Arrests, Quantum Gold Launch, and 3-Day Global Shutdown


4a – Pedos being exposed – just the start ?


4b – Guess which TV channel. All BS all the time.

5 – Pope Frank: Henchman of the global agenda 

The Catholic Church is estimated to be worth about 30 Billion USD – why do Catholics continue to tithe weekly ?

6a – Chinese Spies

What is wrong with authorities in allowing the Chinese business front to control Darwin Port, they are a front for the CPP to spy on US activities and direct a future attack. They own or occupy property near every major infrastructure and defence facility, most of their students and their families are under control of the CCP spying all over Australia.  Your many decades ‘Grey Nomad’ friends have been reporting Chinese in far away and difficult to access areas posing a tourists, with top quality cameras and equipment, all with short haircuts and precise regimented walk and stance from years of military trading.

Their photocopiers over 20 years ago had units inside that sent data overseas, a young student supplementing his student allowance was doing repairs and found many, we advised authorities and MP’s at that time, with no response. Now they are providing electronic equipment to governments and citizens with much of it loaded with spy ware, why are we handing control over to the CPP.  If pollies think they are gaining favour by allowing CPP spy infiltration they are very wrong, Tibet showed they killed all in authority first. Remember Tiananmen Square where they slaughtered an estimated 10,000 students who disagreed with the government

6b – U.S. Law of War Manual 2015 (July 2023)

This is now the law that protects all of you globally


6c – Russia has DESTROYED the U.S. Military and NATO is Not Ready for What is Next


7a – Weather as a Weapon of War

7b – Civil War Trailer – in theatres April 26

I don’t know who produced this

8a – “When PM Albanese had a backbone and defended the Palestinians” Albo 20 yrs ago.

8b – Woolworths tries to reverse its WOKE policies – Will Qantas be next ?

8c – Anti-Vaxxers Won

9 – Federal Court refuses to hear covid class action

In what we regard as an act of Treason, the Australian Federal Court has refused to hear our Covid Class Action This is after almost a year of negotiations between us and the Federal Court resulting in us recently successfully responding to the Court’s requirements  Here is the Courts recent rejection letter https://bit.ly/3TaJ77E After careful consideration we have responded to the Federal Court thus: To the Federal Court of Australia – Tuesday 27 February 2024 To Whom it may Concern

Re: Refuse to File – eLodgment ID 1285239 [SEC=OFFICIAL] – 8 February 2024

National Judicial Registrar Edwards This is Treason against the Australian People You are hiding aiding & abetting the greatest Crime in Human History Ten’s of thousands of Australians are dying and a great many more have been injured through the Australian and State Governments support of the Covid Fraud You face 10 years in jail. We advise you to hear this case We have asked you TWICE as to the correct administrative procedures for us to contest this decision. You have not responded If you do not immediately give clear detailed administrative instructions in writing within 7 days or within sufficient time for us to lodge the required response to your refusal to lodge we will take this matter of Treason to the High Court of Australia The Australian Royal Commission into Covid will prove us right

More & more medical, statistical, legal and scientific evidence is accruing every day exposing this Covid Fraud  There is no Sarscov2 ‘virus’ It’s one huge Fraud Sarscov2 and Covid is psychological corporate banking and military propaganda to incite fear amongst Australians to support the attempted legal introduction of illegal gene therapy injections and illegal nanotechnology biowarfare against the People of Australia and Planet Earth Make your choice

In the words of Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs: I have therefore come to the conclusion that the current legal and political system in use in Australia and it’s States and Territories has no basis in Law 

See further evidence at commonwealthcustodians.org 

The time of malfeasance & corruption of corporate Australian Governments and associated Legal systems is over This is now going to change  God Bless Australia  Please remember that you act as servants to the Australian People Yours sincerely,  Solihin Millin

10 – Smart meters in Qld

11a – Australian Senate Acknowledges Excess Deaths & Need For Further Inquiry?

11b – Mandating COVID-19 vaccines for some Queensland frontline workers found to be unlawful, judge rules


12a – Vladimir Putin Arrested, Executed & Replaced Years Ago With White Hat Military Alliance Double – True or not ??


As per Q Drop 15, from October 31, 2017, Vladimir Putin was removed after Donald Trump  won the 2016 presidency and a White Hat double was installed in his position to assist the White Hat Military Alliance in their ongoing takedown of the Khazarian Mafia Globalist Cabal. Below are images and videos of his alleged 2012 appearance in Moscow District Military Court where he was arrested for embezzlement, financial fraud and abuse of power.

12b – They lie about Ukraine


12c – El Salvador President Tell UK Hypocrites To Mind Their Own Business – “Don’t Tell Us How To Run Our Country”

Watch this before he is assassinated


12d – The Executed: Clones, Doubles, & Vril Lizard Reptilian Parasites


13a – Virtual 90.10. MedBed through quantum technology – Free 8-hour test available worldwide


13b – More MedBed info


14a – Fast 17 hrs and be amazed 

14b – Amazing onion skin peels

14c – CO2 is life

14d – Paint degreaser in cereal in Target  

15 – More Giants from the recent past

16a – New marker! The stars align for Nesara/Gesara


16b – The Q Team’s takedown of the CABAL – 98 mins


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