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1 – ↓ ↓ Are ye prepared ?

2a – Supreme court ruling in Queensland Australia – Vaccine mandates are UNLAWFUL,

The Australian, February 27, 2024. A landmark legal decision “vindicating” dozens of Queensland paramedics and police officers who took on the state government’s Covid-19 vaccine mandates is just the “tip of the iceberg” of litigation attempting to overthrow pandemic orders, experts say, with cases in similar jurisdictions likely to ride on the coat-tails of the successful action. Calls for a royal commission into vaccination mandates during the pandemic were reignited on Tuesday after the Queensland ­Supreme Court found the state’s policy was “unlawful” for the frontline workers, meaning any disciplinary actions that relied on those policies are deemed invalid. More than 70 staff had taken legal action against the state government in three separate applications, arguing the vaccine require­ments were incompatible with their human rights and they had been discriminated against “due to their political belief or activity”.

Judge Glenn Martin on Tuesday ruled Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll’s December 2021 directive for all staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19 was unlawful under the Human Rights Act. He also ruled a mandatory vaccine order for paramedics, made by former Queensland Health director-general John Wakefield in January 2022, was “of no effect”. Both Ms Carroll and Mr Wakefield are barred from taking any disciplinary action against the 74 complainants. In his 115-page judgment, Justice Martin found Ms Carroll – who will finish as commissioner on Friday – failed to prove she “gave proper consideration” to the human rights of employees before making the directive. “It follows that, by failing to give proper consideration, the making of each of those decisions was unlawful,” he wrote. “Despite the revocation of the QPS directions, a finding of unlawfulness is still available.”

Dr Wakefield, who quit his role with Queensland Health last June, submitted his direction to ambulance staff to be double-vaccinated was lawful because it was implied in all employment contracts that an employer “may give lawful and reasonable directions to employees”. But Justice Martin found “the Employee Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements Human Resources Policy is of no effect”. Bond University associate law professor Wendy Bonython told The Australian the case could be an indication that successful litigation challenging pandemic orders will occur in comparable jurisdictions. “This is very much the first of its kind, and I think this is the weather balloon,” she said. “There are other cases, based on similar grounds, similarly challenging the legitimacy of directions given during the pandemic. This one is interesting because it is the first one to go through.” Dr Bonython said there were unfair dismissal claims “bubbling away right across the board”. “Once we get a few more decisions coming through, quite a few of those cases that have been filed might drop away because they may they be abandoned or they may be settled, depending on what the earlier wave of cases establishes,” she said. “This is the tip of the iceberg. There will be more of these cases to come.”

Queensland human rights barrister Hugh Carter said it was highly likely the government would appeal the decision, but he predicted nurses would be next in line to challenge the orders. “The next question will be (is) the government going to appeal and I suspect that (it) may,” he said. “I don’t think it’s over by a long shot, but we know the court found there was an overreach by government in terms of coercing people into being vaccinated when they didn’t want to for genuine reason.” The Albanese government’s inquiry into Australia’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been widely criticised for focusing only on the role of the commonwealth and prohibiting investigation of the state governments and their often extended lockdown periods.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, who has been pushing the government for a royal commission into the vaccine mandates and various other pandemic health orders, told The Australian the frontline workers who fought the orders had been “vindicated”. “You can’t force someone to take a medical procedure, and many people had it against their will,” Senator Hanson said. “They were forced out of their jobs. Why were we forcing Australians to have it against their will?” She rejected Labor’s “piss weak” Covid-19 inquiry, saying a royal commission is the only way people will be “held responsible” for the pandemic orders. Jack McGuire, director of Red Union which has supported professionals seeking to challenge vaccine mandates, said the Supreme Court decision “bodes well for our hundreds of human rights cases that we have on foot”.

More On The Unlawful JABS In Qld Ch 7

2b – Fair Work Commission

Lyndall Dean, at the time ruling on a matter relating to Flu vaccine mandates (not covid), dissented AGAINST her colleagues, saying that: “All Australians should vigorously oppose the introduction of a system of medical apartheid“. She also said that systems encouraging mRNA mandates are: “morally and ethically wrong…the antithesis of our democratic way of life & everything we value”

2c – And the details just keep coming.


2d – But compare this with ABC – “Vax facts”

ABC ‘Vax Facts’ campaign against COVID-19 myths – Remember ?

2e – Has the ABC and Chairwoman Ita Buttrose – checkmated by sacked journalist Antoinette Lattouf?

Has the ABC and Chairperson Ita Buttrose been checkmated by sacked journalist Antoinette Lattouf? The ABC is an unwatchable shell of its former self. From that perspective, Ita has been very successful and met her KPI’s as set up by the Morrison government. Perhaps the time has come to disassemble “their ABC” and start again, anew. Thanks Shane, thanks Ms Lattouf.


3a – USA cop won’t enforce unconstitutional laws 

3b – The full version of How do you plead – watch all carefully

4 – 45 Pedophiles Who Planned To Eat Children – Arrested on Sickening Array of Child Sex Charges


5a – Vladimir Putin: The West is Controlled by Satanic Pedophiles. – (not on MSM)

5b – Belgium farmers yesterday spraying BS

5c – 60 Minutes goes to Sweden to convince

that invaders are good – and wonderful third world immigration is and they end up getting violently attacked by the migrants instead – Lisa Hayes is a globalist

6a – 1993 the CIA developed masks – so real

6b – Adam Schiff confession

7a – Dr Phil stuns ‘The View’ hosts over – pandemic comments


7b – AT&T reveals possible cause of – massive cellular outage in US which also hit smartass Mobile users

8a – It makes no difference – Col  Douglas Macgregor

A few billion $$$ will keep politicians in Biden’s pocket and propaganda will increase. That neocon policy never fails. It was used in Europe with European kings against the mass and it continues to work.

8b – America is following in China’s footsteps. How we stop it.



9 – The purpose of suffering  

10a – Amazing – this old Trump footage – just reappeared

10b – X22-Pelosi Opens Call Position In Cyber Security Firm. This Is The DS Last Stand – TY JGANON, SGANON

Well worth a listen to know what is happening  


11 – Baggage arrivals in Singapore

12a – Restored Republic  via a GCR as of February 27


12b – Bruce’s call 27 Feb – a bit better hope ?

13a – From a 1775 Bible -13 months in a year

13b – If you have a RBT after using this, you will probably failmaybe some alcohol in it ?

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