2024/02/29th  – God’s Chosen People ? So say the Churches

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1 – God’s chosen people – so say the churches

Israel’s 100 days of murder and genocide

2a – Trump assassination attempt ?

2b – Trump and the Hebrides Bible

2c – Glorious Days are coming 

2d – Black Pastor spells it out  

3a – ASIO boss Mike Burgess reveals former politician

 ‘sold out Australia’ during annual threat assessment “I haven’t been told [who it is]. Mike Burgess is as good as they get, he’s a great head of the ASIO and he’s really a first class operator,” Peter Dutton told 2GB. AND Joe Hockey demands ASIO chief Mike Burgess expose the identity of the traitor ex-politician

3b – ‘Traitor’: Tanya Plibersek uncompromising on former politician sending secrets overseas

4a – Commo John – National Strike update

4b – Q + A John today with people in USA.

5a – Alex Collier 1990 

5b – Vatican tunnels satanic rituals

Max Lowen is a survivor who witnessed horrific abuse and tunnels under the Vatican that were used to traffick children. She witnessed, cannibalism, blood drinking, trafficking, torture, murder, sexual abuse, and experiments.

5c – Colorado Scott Bottoms Confirms That – People Are Buying 1-5 Year Old Children For Sex

5d – A one on one special about Subterranean warfare with Maj. (Ret) John Spencer and CSM (Ret) Joe Vega


Just to prove that the Subterranean System was not in place during Osama Yo Momma Obama and his stuttering chameleon Biden in 2014… What better place to look than the official Israeli Military website “In early 2012, it was announced that a system called Mispar Hazak (“Strong Number”) would soon be deployed on the border with the Gaza Strip. Today, however, two and a half years later, there is still no effective system in operation.  The tunnels have been classified as a strategic threat, with the impression given that this is the gravest threat facing Israel.” 2.5 plus 2012 = going on 2014-2015. Alabama math right there. All of the Subterranean Plans started rolling out to public in 2018… Who was President? Just takes knowing the origin mixed with a little reading and comprehension

The link was removed before I could save it

6 – In the past two months:

• King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer. • Kate Middleton has had abdominal surgery and not been seen since December. • Sarah, Duchess of York was diagnosed with skin cancer. • Prince Edward is ‘stepping back’ from Royal Duties. • Thomas Kingston, who married into the British Royal Family, died suddenly. • Jacob Rothschild died. • King of Norway rushed to hospital with infection. • Pope Francis rushed to hospital. • Queen of Denmark announced shock abdication. • Two Black Horses were spotted with a ‘captured’ White Horse and Black Flag outside Buckingham Palace. It can’t just be me who thinks this is a little bit weird, right?

Williamstown Melbourne Council has ceased ALL rollout of 5G following a legal submission by a Resident stating that Councillors would be held personally responsible for any & all Adverse Health Effects from the Radiation Exposure.

7a – Terrifying humanoids emerge from subterranean realm


7b – Flying Alien in Miami ? 

It’s very hard to fake this on footage from a moving camera

8a – Emergency alert – world wide blackout coming – Major underwater cables cut


8b – Cloud Seeding Over California Causing The Flooding & This Is What We’re Breathing In

9a – Is Sky Prince Kerrie Anne Thornton ?

9b – Who is this guy to be so powerful ?

9c – Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Military Tribunal

Executed   #CrimesAgainstHumanity  #SaveTheChildrenWorldWide

10a – Ancient Bible – Exodus Red Sea Crossing 

Ron Wyatt discovered this in 1986 but University archeologists dismiss him

10b – That beautiful old-world clock in Prague might be revealing far more than just the time.

Whatever this world truly is, it’s certainly not what we have been told.

11 – China’s ID system – China has a DS too

12 – Wayne Glew says Craig Kelly is a Freemason

13 – Harmacist$ push for Covid jab right$

14- GCR: New system – as the old guard retreats

BRICS member states to consider creating a common digital payment platform Russian MF proposes an independent financial system for BRICS


Giant waterwheel generates FREE energy.

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