2024/03/03  – The majority of Australians are weak as …

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1 – The majority of Australians are weak as water and/or oblivious to what is going on around them.

2a – This Is a Military Operation. – War

Watch as they stand at attention as Trump walks in. 29th Feb

Trump told us twice at Eagle Pass that, This is a WAR.” He told you we sold the wall at 5¢ on the dollar and then admitted,  Texas is using that same wall to finish building.

Why is Trump being briefed while Biden tells everyone about DEWs? Nothing is as it seems. Trump told the TRUTH (Q)uite literally. This IS A MILITARY OPERATION. WE ARE AT WAR…. And they are showing you…..

2b – Brutal Legal Analysis of the Apartheid State of Israel & Zionist-Perpetrated Gaza Genocide 


2c – Arab League Shocks the World, Humiliates Israel At ICJ


3a – What do we do now ?

3b – John McAfee spilled the beans. 

4a – When you pay cash – be strong

4b – Still shopping at ALDI for groceries ?

4c – Cannibalism Defined   McDonald’s is going to be Pissed…


5a – Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 2


5b – Baxter Med-Bed already in use


5c – Dr. Boz: “The biggest crime in the history of medicine”


6a – Space Force – EBS Imminent – audio only – better listen in case it is true

6b – Waiting for the RV

7 – Deception in the Church


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