2024/03/04th  – When the sheep have had enough

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1a – When the sheep have had enough

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1b – National Strike Report – from Commo John


2a – Royal Flush

2b – Burn the coal – pay the toll – compilation

This is the way the bastards are

2c – How to deal with perpetually offended woke morons 

3 – The Australian pedophile coverup

Police documents and evidence prove Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison along with 27 other prominent names including Judges are all involved in Pedophilia and child trafficking. The case was covered up so the public would not lose trust in the Judiciary. New South Whales Australian Judge Garry Neilson during the hearing of a criminal case where a man was found guilty of raping his siblings, Judge Neilson said from the Bench to the Court that he thought the law was out of date and thought that sex with siblings should now be legal and that it should not be illegal to have sex with children.

Judge Garry Neilson is one of the 28 prominent people listed on the Police documents for Pedophilia and child trafficking. There are thousands of Pedophiles at all levels in our society around the world controlling every aspect of our lives. Justice will not come by our corrupt judiciary systems. Justice will only come by force through the power of the people. It is our human obligation to defend all children at all costs.

4 – The Simpsons tell us “their” plans – fear tactics

5a – The rise of the Kazars

The Khazarians were an ancient people who practiced Babylonian satanic black magick and child sacrifice in exchange for wealth and power. Today they are a Zionist Babylonian Talmudic Hybrid religion who hijacked Judiasm as a cover. The Rothschilds can be traced to the Khazars who were originally the Bauers.

5b – Problem Reaction Solution

5c – Ninevak Eclipse 8th April

Apparently where the X is of this eclipse is where the New Madrid faultline is … also in Oct. 1812 there was an eclipse of the identical path as this one coming up…   2 months after the solar eclipse went by that area it created lakes from a gigantic quake Dec 1812. Along the New Madrid fault there were 9 and many aftershocks.  Ninevah has something to do with Cain and Abel wars.

5d – Deep State Rear Admiral – Convicted at Gitmo


6a – Something big going down – right now

6b – Restored Republic via a GCR – March 4

Sat. 2 March Bomb! Trump’s secret meeting unleashes a global shockwave: 

Wells Fargo adopts the dinar, the quantum financial system is activated and  the launch of NESARA begins!

  • Let’s get straight to the point: the world is not what it seems, and the recent clandestine meeting between the Iraqi Prime Minister and President Trump is the hard evidence we were looking for. This is not an everyday diplomatic appointment. This was a covert operation, shrouded in secrecy, with implications that could shake the very foundations of our economic system. The undisclosed location, lack of media coverage and high-level discussions point towards something monumental.
  • The crux of the issue is the announcement of Iraq’s sovereignty and the revaluation of its currency, the dinar. It’s not just about Iraq; It is a sign of a global economic reset, a shift that could redefine wealth and power around the world. The fact that this news is being strictly controlled, and that rumours only reach those who are listening closely, tells you everything you need to know about the forces at play.
  • Let’s make something clear: When currencies like the dinar appear on the front screens of major banks, flashing with anticipation, it’s not a glitch. It is the prelude to something big. Banks like Chase and Wells Fargo are not just financial institutions; They are the guardians, the ones who know the pulse of the global economy. Flashing rates are a beacon, a sign that the financial tides are about to turn, but they are waiting for the green light.
  • And where does that green light come from? Everything is orchestrated from the shadows. The Treasury, the corporate giant Wells Fargo in New York, the bailout centres: all of these entities are pieces of a larger puzzle, waiting to reveal the grand design. The Wells Fargo email, that’s the key. It is the signal for financial elites to act and start the engines of what will be the most significant redistribution of wealth in modern history.
  • But let’s go deeper. The launch of NESARA, scheduled between February 22 and 29, is not just a policy: it is a revolution. It promises restitution and recovery for people over 62, an unprecedented gesture of financial liberation. But why the secrecy? What accounts for the cryptic nature of these movements? Because the full extent of NESARA’s impact is something the powers that be want to control. It’s a narrative they want to develop on their own terms.
  • This is where the essence of our current situation lies. The meeting between the Iraqi Prime Minister and President Trump, the secret discussions, the impending currency revaluation and the launch of NESARA, everything is interconnected. It is a meticulously planned sequence of events designed to transform the global economy, shift power, and create a new financial reality.
  • Skeptics and naysayers will call this speculation. They will dismiss the importance of interest rates, undisclosed meetings, and the strategic timing of these announcements. But the evidence is hidden in plain sight, for those brave enough to look at it. All the signs are there, pointing towards a seismic shift that will soon be felt by all citizens, all governments and all nations.

Judy Note: It was my opinion, and I could be wrong, that on Thurs. 22 Feb the Cabal Financial System imploded and Trump gave the Green Light to begin the rest of the Mass Arrests. Now there was no turning back and they hoped to have those arrests completed by Fri. 15 March. In order to arrest the estimated around five million members of the Cabal worldwide named on over 800,000 sealed court indictments, they eventually would have to activate the Emergency Broadcast System. If they turned on that EBS by next Tues. 5 March it would give them 10 days to air the exposure documentaries over the new Starlink Satellites for the general public. That way everything would be done by Fri. 15 March when it was expected they would announce to the General Public, the Global Currency Reset and return to a gold/asset-backed currencies across the Globe.

Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) could very likely go during that ten days of Exposure. So, doing some deductions on the above information, I expect Tier4b to have notification to set exchange/ redemption appointments at least by next Tues. 5 March. On Thurs. 22 Feb. 2024 Trump gave the Green Light for the Mass Arrests of five million Cabal members. That same day the Cabal had capitulated on their control of the Global Financial System, China and Germany experienced a Financial Collapse, plus Bitcoin stopped trading on the Stock Market and their owners were suspected to have taken the money and ran.

On Sun. 3 March Trump said goodbye to the Mainstream Media. On Mon. 11 March the Federal Reserve will quit giving loans to the banks, which would close any bank across the Globe not Basel 3 compliant and in the BRICS new Financial System. “They wanted the 10 days of darkness and RV/GCR done by Fr. 15 March. Agreements have been made. All electronics, WiFi, ATMs will go down. Businesses will be closed. Planes, Trains, Buses will be grounded. We had all better stock up on food and supplies, especially people in New York as truck drivers will NOT be making deliveries in New York in support of President Trump.” …777 Time  Traveller on X and Telegram Sun. 3 March 2024

The White Hats hoped to have Mass Arrests completed and the Ukraine War  ended by Fri. 15 March 2024


7 – Are They Hiding Free Energy Right In Front Of Our Eyes ?

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