2024/03/05th  – Big things are happening  

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1a – They don’t even hide it any more  

1b – It’s just a cartoon – or is it ? up to you !

1c – A Current Affair report on Digital ID.

2a – The super Jesuit Black Pope & the Dark Oath

2b – A “GIFT” to George Soros and his son Alex    

Another sick artist, how would you even think of this…wackos all around

2c – DEW Laser Attacks all Over the World 

3 – Wyatt Interview with John Wilson March 5


4a – Anthony Albanese +Penny Wong indicted in International Court of Justice accused of complicity in genocide

4b – Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been sensationally referred to the International Criminal Court on accusations of being an accessory to the genocide in Gaza.


5a – Queensland Premier corrects the record


5b – Andrew Bolt calls for Steven Miles to resign


6a – 100 million animals have been jabbed

6b – Covid criminals must face military tribunals


7a – 100s queue hours to get their hearts checked

7b – Australian Medical Professionals’ Society

A lot of Australians are dying. AMPS is the only body in Australia that undertook the task to investigate why Australian Excess Deaths continue to be high. Julian Gillespie and Kara Thomas write about how important this investigation is.

8a – While advancing towards Kupyansk Russian soldiers found a list that appears to be pricing for human organs. 

8b – We are living in Historic Times


See the biggest known tree stump known   Items 01  01a and 01b  ↓

See the biggest known tree stump known   Items 01  01a and 01b  on

9a – Racist Rort from Gilbert

What a lot of wasted hot air, footballers of such apparent weak character that they are upset by being called a silly name, they appear too weak of character to be in the team. What a weak display of adulthood. Our teachers often told us we were playing like a bunch of donkeys, galahs, apes, all over the place like a swarm of grasshoppers etc — and probably correct. How do you class that as racist, it has nothing to do with race — it refers to animals, if he is called a galah, grasshopper or slow as turtle is that racist too.  To be racist they would have to be called a racist name as in Eskimo, Russian or another race name. 

I worked with Whitey, Blackie, Greenie, Brownie, Darkie and Grey — as they were called. Wimps would be screaming racist showing how stupid society is today. Ron White had dark skin, Jack Black was European, Graham Green, Bob Brown and Ron Grey were Aussies — and I was called ‘Darkie’— an Aussie with dark features. Enjoyment or offence — happiness or annoyance, are psychogenic reactions within our brain, they are unmeasurable and unquantifiable, they are self-generated — the result of reactive conditioning — unrelated to factual reality.

Those with mental instabilities who cannot handle tough robust words and discussion have conned intellectually weak governments to impose ‘thought-law’, where common freedom of speech is restricted. This achieves nothing, it encourages skewed legal interpretations of being offended — under rules of established law issues must be ‘Beyond reasonable doubt with established evidence’, if some say they are offended what evidence is there of it being fact as such is a personal opinion, unmeasurable beyond proof.  You cannot measure a psychogenic reaction within a weak brain that needs to be treated as a mental health issue.

Anti-discrimination law allows you to be fined because some intellectual weakling is offended by self-generated psychogenic, attention seeking distress and self-pity.  Get over it and toughen up.

9b – The British people have had enough


10a – Mass Resistance helps bold activist take on nation’s library system over graphic books


10b – 60 Minutes Australia: Going Undercover to Catch a Serial Paedophile Child Rapist! [Feb 4, 2024]


10c – Rare sighting – Nobody Expected to See This


10d – Black “D” Congressman idiot: If you build that on that Island it will tip over and sink

11a – The Right Hand of God

Ecclesiastes 10. 1The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is. If a ruler’s anger rises against you, do not leave your post; calmness can lay great errors to rest.

11b – Is flat Earth a Govt psyop – need to know

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