2024/03/06th  – A different world with a new reality

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A different world with a new reality – Today’s earth transformation is awakening more people every day. Fuelled by the protests, it is inviting more and more people to wake up and participate. It has also increased the number of people observing and understanding life today. Unfortunately, the noise in the hearts of many still drowns out these quiet changes.

1 – Anthony Albanese says his referral to ICC for being complicit to genocide is misinformation.

The master of misinformation certainly loves the word misinformation ! Albo Sleezy is amiss at giving truthful information. He belongs to jail…..for doing nothing about vaccine injuries!


2a – “So, you want to kill 7 billion people?” 

2b – The brains in Congress – God help us

Taking office at age 29, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman ever to serve in the United States Congress   AOC is the latest “Global warming” , “Climate change” warrior our highly educated grade 12 and university-trained geniuses have promoted to cult status. Here she is preaching about whatever she is preaching about, and displaying all the idiocy we have sadly come to expect of our upcoming generation. Sound on, watch the video, and I dare you to sleep well tonight knowing this is who will rule the world in the near future. Do you believe the future is in good hands ??

2c – Keep going Andrew. Do not stop. They will crack eventually


3a – Putin’s African troops marching in Moscow

3b – The biggest sellout ever

3c – Arizona Bill would make shooting and killing migrants on property legal

3d – Joe Biden has secretly flown 320,000 illegal immigrants from Latin America to the U.S.

4a – Ytube influencer with vax induced cancer – still pushing vax

4b – Why double jabbed people die suddenly ?


4c – The sound of healing – The science that can change your life forever (It’s real!)

5 – Bankwest’s Transition – Digital Bank in 2024.

To My Valued Client,

Today we announced the future vision for Bankwest as a digital bank. As a result of this decision, we will be closing our WA branches and ATMs throughout 2024. These changes will enable us to focus investment in the digital channel the majority of our customers are using. I want to reassure you, that although branches will be closing, our Private Bank team have not changed and we’re here to provide you with any support you may need.

Melinda Walker, Bankwest’s Executive Manager of Private Bank, has issued the attached announcement with additional context and clarity on the decision. For more information, visit bankwest.com.au and search for ‘branch info’. Take a read, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions
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6a – Wyatt and Commo John Part 2

6b – Trump’s 10 Step Plan to Dismantle the Deep State – hurry up Donald !!


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