2024/03/08th  – The Power of Words 

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1 – The Power of Words 

1b – And don’t forget this – Pause to note the dates

2 – We can now treat Covid like the flu – JP

3a – Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich

Looks like he will be released – their case is falling apart


3b – Illegal migrants are sinking California 

3c – New York subways now under martial law

4a – Conscription is coming ? – Nick Griffin

4b – How they destroy a targeted individual


5a – The suspended Dr William Bay

High Court finds the case of – no public importance

5b – Doctor Refuses to Allow Informed Consent

This is what happened when I dared to ask a question while in Dandenong hospital (Australia) with a broken back.

6a – Former Canadian sniper and whistleblower, Brett Campbell explains why he got discharged for not taking the vovid vaxx  

6b – Ukraine jew puppet show – for the goyim

6c – “King Charles ordered Cree murders to safeguard his investments – Coverup collapses with new evidence”


7a – Petitions Committee rejects a Petition calling for the UK to leave the WHO

7b – National Strike Motion removed – ‘They’ are terrified of waking the public

7c – “PM Albanese and Lachlan Murdoch – attack Facebook in a financial shakedown attempt”


7c – Australia being re-populated with those incapable


7d – The White Rabbit – about Australia

8a – Obliterating & Deletion of Swiss, Political Democracy, UN, Geneva, Vatican… explained

Important Formal Statement as a matter of Disclosure – Springtime 24
I have directly and without lawyers communicated on January 27th, 2024, with the Office of the Secretary of Defense of the United States, who exclusively and only reports to the current Wartime President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Donald J. Trump.
I have previously reported and provided substantial evidence to the JAG officers at the USSF and USAF, presenting further material evidence of serious crimes against humanity and corruption.

8b – They are telling you – you are watching a show.

Most of them here are actors who played President in movies – Hello?!  C’mon man. The guy playing Joe Biden just posted this on X…. They are straight up telling you that you are watching a show.  Does he have to make it anymore clear?  Do I need to show you Kevin Spacey on Tucker again? House of cards.  Patriots are in full control, no matter how difficult that is for your feelings. 5GW. Central casting anyone?

9a – Trump v Biden

Just thinking out loud..  We are all familiar with the videos so no need to show again. If NATO and EU submitted to Trump... then wouldn't all nations under NATO be a part of the Great Awakening? We all know Trump and White Hats have to let things play out.

Just received – real or fake ?

9b – 3 days ago – Trump Issues Blunt Direct Message To Biden About The Border


9c – CEO, Douglas Macgregor State of the Union Response


10a – The Trumpet of God 1 Thess 4.16 – JFK Jnr. 

10b – Dr Steven Greer – seeing Med bed tech in person

11 – Yeshua (Jesus) latter day sermons


12 – Walking Canes

The Book of Wisdom is available at Angus and Robertson Books Sydney

13 – Southern Accent Origin 

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