2024/03/09th  – Hurry up and wait

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No politics on this post, apart from Tucker – besides there are still many recent items on previous Posts that many have not even clicked on. Catch up time ?

1 – Tucker Carlson Responds to Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address


2 – Atmospheric powered car in 1921

3 – What planets and stars really look like

Scriptures say they are living beings, not balls of rock spinning in a vast Godless universe

It is interesting that the second most visited item on this site is …


4 – Murder on Music Row

Music Row is on 16th Ave Nashville is where most country songs were recorded. This song bemoans the fact that the real Country music is gone, murdered by modern crap. Yew lovers of American country music will jest lurve the sounds and the southern drawl singing. Old Hank is Hank Williams


5 – Hair loss

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