2024/03/10th  – What more is in store in 2024 ?

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Every day it becomes harder to know who or what to believe. Did anyone notice  there was no Presidential seal at Biden’s State of the Union address ? All items below are the opinion of the authors – we are certainly approaching something very big. Hear all of item 1, if nothing else

1a – Simon Parkes alarming message on 8 March

This is his opinion but I believe makes a lot of sense He claims to know more but is under some kind of NDA – you need to hear ALL of this at 1.25 speed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yziePwiCLpA&t=1189s

1b – The Pause

Our current Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Donald J. Trump has inserted Civilians, doctors, nurses etc, you too will be judged for your abhorrent crimes that you committed on Covid. No one can escape and if you intend to run, we will arrest you before you put on your shoes. Make no mistake, escape is not an option, only surrender is, but it won’t get you out of your crimes. Take this not as a threat, but as a notification with utmost care in mind. We caught you all. You’ll find out soon.

1c – Young Donald Trump predicts Joe Biden in 1980 interview


1d – People say “I don’t see anything happening”

Hungary’s current Prime Minister backs CIC Trump. Guess what country was just in the United States this past week (and has been monthly)? 🤭 Ladies and Gentlemen, President Trump’s Executive Order 13848, signed September 12, 2018, has a National Emergency attached to it… It’s been extended by “Biden”, 3 years in a row, one past the automatic termination clause, which means, it is important and active, and will have a resolution. That key order dismisses January 6 and voter fraud via normal cases. It hammers the Federal Corporation of bipartisan corruption of flipping votes to keep balance throughout the history of the Dominion Systems.

Hungary Military Aircraft in the United States monthly = Military Occupation. If “Joe Biden” was actually President, Hungary’s acting Prime Minister endorsing Trump as President, would be Foreign Election Interference. All outlined in EO 13848 ✔️ Name one thing he said that he didn’t do… Name one thing he said that would happen… that hasn’t come true… Do you really believe He’d go against his own words and laws?

2a – Why there was no school violence when I was young 


2b – What the ‘greatest generation’ knew about raising kids


2c – We really need to stop worrying about global warming


3 – A message from JFK Jnr

4a – UN warning to the vaxxed

4b – There is no mRNA in the covid vaccine – no organic matter, but there is Graphene Oxide

4c – You can’t hide the dead bodies – Edward Dowd

5a – QE2 Death Certificate real ?? Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor

5b – The CIA or FBI should recruit this woman

6a – Black Swan event ? Benjamin Fulford 

6b – Media blackout as 56% of States enact Constitutional Carry.

A win for gun owners ?


7a – Tucker Carlson: – They’re planning to STEAL the Election

using voter fraud – No ID required –

7b – Tucker Carlson : This is rare good news


7c – CNN refused to run advert – because it might hurt Biden 

8a – Donald Trump beating Joe Biden ‘comfortably’ in US polls


8b – Goodbye Swiss Political Democracy –  We are now deleting it – USSF STORM by Spring ‘24

9 – Israeli jew rabbi calls for – killing all Palestinians in Gaza

10 – Disappearing clouds ?

11 – Honey and Onions

12 – Deep South accent for your enjoyment


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