2024/03/11th  – Everyday in Uncle Joe’s new America 

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1a – Everyday in Uncle Joe’s new America 

You don’t hear about this because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

1b – Biden apologises to illegal alien murderer


1c – Bye Bye Biden ..The landslide will bring him down Eventually

2a – Trump’s Plan for America – Agenda 47

2b – Who is the real president ?

2c – 96 MP’S stepping down in UK


3a – Massive Human Trafficking Sting – 288

3b – WAPOL are a private mercenary militia

WAPOL (West Australian Police) are a Private Mercenary Militia for the Profit and Gain of the Department of Transport – Prove me wrong says Dawn Kelly


3c – Warwick WA Police Station

Sept 2023 I wanted to share this video to remind us all of the BS that we went through during the height of the plandemic. Remember when Chris Dawson was the Vaccine Commander, it was so ridiculous looking back.


3d – Which Constitution does Albo intend to change ?

Every day more people are waking up


4a – Vaxx aftermath – Doctors beg for others to speak out and expose the death shots 

4b – COVID vaxx clots examined by panel of doctors


4c – Premeditated Mass Genocide – Dr. Lee Vliet

Dr. Lee Vliet returns to SGT Report to discuss the dog king and pedo-in-chief’s SOTU speech, the illegals invasion and the destruction of our Republic and population at the hands of the bioweapon they call a “vaccine”. Thanks for tuning in!


4d – Remove graphene from dental anesthetic


5 – The big ID refusal. hilarious. Watch all.

6a – US Special Forces March 5 destroyed an Air Force Boeing 747

that had been airborne over the Texas Panhandle when inexplicable fires erupted  on February 26, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.


6b – Russia Destroyed NATO Secret Air and Space Intelligence Centre In Odessa – France ‘Playing With Fire’


7 – From JFK Jnr

8a – Migrants taking over the Military and police

8b – Our time has come – Max Igan


9 – Biggest man in recent history – Video 2



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