2024/03/12th  – Ephesians 5.11 is not just a suggestion 

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1a – Ephesians 5.11 is not just a suggestion 

the word expose is an active imperative mood verb – it is a command – Ephesians 5:11 means that people are to avoid committing sins. Not only that, but people should expose the crimes, such as theft or animal abuse, failing to warn the congregation about the jab, paying illegal rates and fines etc. Ephesians 5:11. “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” 

1b – Facts you may not know 

1c – A message for those nit-picking Trump’s faults and mistakes he made by listening to evil advisers 

2a – Is this the end of the line ?   Bosi

2b – “Banks going BUST and they planned it”


2c – Gold is the standard


3a – Treason – Federal Government Bill Allows Foreign Troops and Police on Australian Soil


3b – National Strike Report – Truckers Blockade 


3c – Bill of Rights 1688

Kingdom faith is the Protestant Reformed Religion. Crown Authority of the Kingdom is the Imperial Crowne. Highly recommend to read and research further, the Bill of Rights 1688.


4a – Woman refuses to wear mask in Canadian hospital – Cops called – just say no 

4b – How come Snowden and Assange conveniently missed all the dirt on Israel espionage ?

Just the title says it all, but good take on it


4c – 60 Minutes – Migrants are great – and then…

5a – Teachers Photoshoot, Balmoral State High School Brisbane 

Channel 9 seems to think it’s funny that teachers are behaving this way in school.

6a – Hillary (supposed to be dead – apparently not) Heckled 5 March – She can’t go anywhere on campus without getting heckled.”

6b – New Discovery After Jacob Rothschild’s Death Changes Everything.


7a – Adrenochrome – where are all the missing kids ? … don’t be surprised


What a bargain – only $350 for 10 mg

7b – Australian human trafficking 

8a – What does it take to – wake up a smartass phone user who clings to their beloved device?

Is this why children are being trafficked to underground D.U.M.Bs and 800,000 children go missing in the United States every year? Pineal Gland – Separate Scientific FIELD of evidence describing some of the Electro-Chemical processes and effects of Adrenochrome – although not directly implying that’s what’s being produced. “It’s at night when our Pineal Gland releases the chemicals our body needs to keep our cells young & healthy, (anti-aging / anti-cancer) when it detects no Light is present. We’re bombarded by Radio Frequencies 24/7, which itself, is Light. The Pineal Gland & body doesn’t know the difference.” Our Pineal Gland is ALSO VERY sensitive to Frequencies. We are Energy Beings & are affected by different Frequencies. “It may seem obvious that a being so tuned into the Earth’s frequencies – and do sensitive to her Magnetic Fields, would be affected by man-made microwaves.”

The REASON to supress Nikola Tesla is 25% about “Free Energy” and 75% because if our species started digging into what Nikola KNEW he was working with, will lead straight into occulted / supressed metaphysical truths about the TRUE Biology of our species. Big Pharma Big Oil + Big Energy + UFO and the True nature of gravity. It’s all the same supressed metaphysics of the same coin being safeguarded by the occult cabal. Hidden metaphysical science that’s been weaponized against us for YEARS to make us sick, can be flipped & used to HEAL our body, mind & spirit. God is ALL that matters, this is true, but all bakers have ingredients to their creation. God – being the ULTIMATE Baker – has ingredients to Creation as well.⚡️ϕ 🧲 We’re brainwashed to believe they don’t matter, while they’re being weaponized against us because we’re oblivious.

8b – How does mRNA work thru your phone and any jab at all?

8c – JFKs vaxx predictions were 100% correct – New covid vaxx coming ?

9a – Spraying Australians with vaccines

9b – Artificial soapy rain made by cloud seeding in Thailand.

10a – IGA supermarket refused to – accept my $100 paper note

This afternoon, just a few minutes ago, the IGA supermarket in North Tamborine Qld, refused to accept my $100 paper note in payment for essential foods. The note is legal tender and I am dipping into my piggy bank as money is short at the moment. 

Although  the Reserve Bank of Australia advises, and under the Reserve Bank Act 1959, nobody has to accept legal tender if there has been an agreement made beforehand, regarding payment payment by another method, between the parties involved. The supermarket has no signs saying that they refuse to take legal tender, and God forbid, at the cashiers desk staff claimed they only take polymer notes. There is no legislation permitting discrimination between customers such that the supermarket take only one kind of legal tender notes. This man claimed that if ‘they’ took the note from me the bank would not give them anything for it, which is nonsense.  I left without purchasing anything.

The number of stores now wanting to stop taking cash is growing all the time. With no cash we will have great difficulty when the electronic systems are down and we will get caught short if we have no cash and get stranded far from home when systems go down if we cannot get fuel or accommodation. The recent OPTUS example bears witness to the problems that will arise. Somehow I feel quietly confident that these things such as “cashless” will come to nothing. Len Clampett 12 March 2024

10b – Skippy’s Fresh Food markets

Small retailers buy smaller quantities and suffer less ability to price negotiate with suppliers.


11 – Cancellation of all services on North Stradbroke Island

Councils were refused continuance under the failed referendum (Sec 128). Made by a treasonous (Sec 44ii) act of state parliament against Sec 76 §330 by unconstitutional politicians (Sec 42, S44) of the Australian Constitution. Local councils are not mentioned in the Australian Constitution, although each state has a local government Act – law – that provides the rules for the creation and operation of councils. Three levels of government: governing Australia  Are local councils Recognised in the Australian Constitution? Local Government has no legal validity because it is not mentioned in the Commonwealth Constitution. A referendum in 1988 to recognise local government in the Constitution did not succeed. Therefore, local government has no legal existence.


11 – Life on the ocean wave

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