2024/03/13th  – The importance of Matt 10.28 

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1a – Matthew 10:28 –

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul “psuche” (life/soul) and body in hell.

Thousands of doctors and real scientists tell us the DNA altering ingredients in the Vaccines render a person to be non-human – think about that and teach everyone you can.  We don’t need preachers, we need informed teachers.

In a small congregation recently, a man asked for prayers for his 20+ yrs son who has “long covid”  Can you believe that ? What does he expect God to do ? an instant personal miracle – if the man and the preacher each had a brain, they each  would be lonely. Since we all know there is no such thing as Covid, how can there be “long covid”? So why did he not call the ambulance to come to the prayer group instead of going to the hospital ? We don’t need preachers, we need informed teachers. They should see items 1-b and 5 below and warn their people.

1b – Parasitic science and unproven virus

2a – US $$ note – history and explanation

2b – The end of the Federal Reserve  

JFKs dream is now happeningLord Acton “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”

2c – Charlie Ward in Dubai – Fed Reserve is done for

Loathe him or not but listen to this

3a – He Ain’t The Joe Biden Of Old 

3b – Compilation

3c – Sicko in the Dumb Biden admin.

Alejandro Mayorkas – US Secretary Department of Homeland Security since 2021

4a – The real President is making moves

4b – President Trump – let’s get to work

4c – Trudeau panics as arrest warrants issued against WEF young global leaders

With mass arrests on the horizon, no wonder Trudeau has become more desperate and erratic than ever before. Likewise the traitorous WEF disciples in Canberra – their day is coming.


5a – Lest we forget Govt and media propaganda which caused so much heartache and division.

5b – Vaccinated blood is garbage. Check.

6a – Katy Gallagher Will Be Going to the Gallows – Wayne Glew

6b – Avoid all energy drinks

Surely I should not have to put this up ? It is called….cyancabalamin (has the word cabal in it, funny hey)

7 – Don’t Fly Unless It’s An Emergency

8 – CASH IS KING – Follow up from Leonard and IGA encounter

As well as IGA North Tamborine I had Coles At Upper Coomera refuse to take Australian legal tender paper notes today Well, it looks as though we need to educate people who work with money every day.

The cashier at Coles Upper Coomera today refused to take Australian paper bank notes. These notes are those preceding the polymer notes we have in wide distribution across the continent today. God help us when people who handle money all day do not know their own Australian money. They were all dinky-di looking Aussies so we cannot blame a different nationality for those problems.  I can’t blame the young cashier, who is maybe in her late teens, but when she took it to an older woman, whom I suspect would have handled these older notes, that woman showed it to a man much older than her and he said they were fake. So the older woman turned to the youngster and said “They’re fake”. The youngster turned to a woman who looked as thought she were a supervisor who took one look and said “They’re fake”. I said loudly “They are not fake. Don’t you even know your own Australian money”. The ‘supervisor’ went away to consult with her higher-ups and came back to say it was OK to take the funds.  They  eventually took my money and I was at last able to buy the essential foods.  We have a real problem about cash and it will not be fixed by going cashless. 

PS  I got a response from Senator Gerard Rennick with reference to the first one on the IGA people and he agrees that something has to be done and is working on it.

9 – You did good today

10 – 1968 BBC ‘FAKE NEWS’ Show Will Leave You Speechless


11 – 432 – This 432hz F and C perfect 5th DnA Key

 is a powerful tool you as you seek heart-centered healing and emotional release. These harmonious tones resonate deeply within your subconscious, aiding in the shedding of ancient emotional burdens and nurturing an environment where love and compassion can flourish. Let these frequencies aid your journey of growth and discovery.

12 – Nikon P1000 camera discontinued.

Try to buy one. They have been withdrawn and discontinued – why? Cos NASA and globullists don’t want you taking true pics of the stars and planets

Dinosaurs Never Existed – Fake bone$ big indu$try


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