2024/03/14 – Here we go again

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1a – Kamala Harris impersonator nails it

1b – Trump and Biden rallies this week

1c – Destroys Gender Ideology in 5 Min


2a – Your immune system is shot – Todd Callender Attorney

2b – Want to go flying? – Pick your pilot carefully

3 – Planned destruction of the white race


4a – “ABC, News Corp and Nine’s Neil Mitchell join forces to attack journalist Antoinette Lattouf” Kangaroo Court of Australia.com


4b – Why you shouldn’t trust any GRUBment.


4c – This Will End Liability Protection For Vaxx Manufacturers


5 – Oxygen cures cancer – from a long time ago

6a – Banking Scramble! BRICS is Bigger than Expected – from World Bank Lawyer


6b – There’s a big movement of people refusing to pay taxes

6c – G.E.S.A.R.A.: Cancels illegal debt


7 – Q Was Created Long Ago In 1860

Q was created long ago in 1860 April 1 when 20 Generals placed Abraham Lincoln into office to Fight the Khazarian mafia who created the slave trade and owned 99% of the U.S. Slaves. Today this battle is coming to an end.

Trump Q Source: Q The Storm Christmas Eve 1963 was the day 77 U.S. Generals came together and The Plan was born to Save The World. Three months later 133 Generals became part of _Op. FREEDOM EAGLE35 … You are a witness to 58 Year Military Delta Coming In >>Hot *** _2014 +22 Nations_1600 Generals NCSWIC From: Q The Storm Rider

8 – Yeshua’s Sermon – 25. The Promise of Comforter


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