2024/03/15 – Amazing MSM announcement

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1 – Amazing MSM announcement

News reader on Ch 9 promoting some discounts – “Available only to singles, married and seniors” – Does that mean not available to married old children ??

Also – do not despise people who do not agree 100% with you on every jot and tittle – No one is a “piece of sh#t” except some in item 4a. Remember Matt 12.37 For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned.

2a – Patients reportedly beating cancer with just one tablet a day


2b – Edmond man says cheap drug cured his cancer


3 – Good News 3 big world wins…


4a – Biden’s America continues…

4b – Bye Bye Biden

4c – Judge Kills Multiple Charges Against Trump in Election Fraud Case


5 – Fox News Reports COVID-19 Shots Contain Toxic DNA And Cancer Viruses


6a – US taxpayers revolting, Australia should follow since Labor has bankrupted the country

See the 2nd video – you’ve saw the first one last night


6b – Rigged election for centuries

6c – Jan 6 Time bombs

Pipe bombs found at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington D.C.

7 – Words of a digital soldier

The more events I see in this movie, the more I see the plan of the White Hats and the military operation we are in. In many instances, they are not physically reducing buildings to rubble or shutting down MSM publicly, nor are they prohibiting big pharma from selling their drugs or physically removing the Fed before your eyes. It’s more like they are causing more and more people to leave Babylon, and it can not survive without us. This matrix is only propped up by the people being programmed and buying into it all. So, groups of people leave because the medical community let them down and now pursue alternative medicine.

The banking system and stock market let them down, so they invested in precious metals, and countries joined BRICS and left the petro dollar and the Fed. This will involve the complete crash of Bitcoin too. Growing numbers don’t pay into the voluntary tax system. More and more are disenchanted with the food that’s genetically modified, so that’s another group to leave and grow their own food. Then Fox News supporters start to follow Tucker and leave MSM. Now, Cuomo from CNN is speaking since he was fired just as Tucker was, so now CNN viewership will decline even more. The same is happening to news channels across the world. The justice system we see is corrupt, so many have pursued alternative legal strategies and realise this system cannot continue.

Parents are home schooling kids because of the woke agenda. More people than ever in the U.S. and other countries are convinced that the election was rigged and we can’t trust any three letter agencies anywhere anymore, so they support paper ballots and three letter agency whistle-blowers within those agencies bringing them down. Immigration has come to the doorstep of those friendly cities, and now they are singing a different tune. Humanity, in general, is leaving this Babylonian system like one might abandon a city. Once we don’t buy what they are selling anymore, nature will take its course, and it will implode on itself as it is in the process of doing already in a controlled manner.

Can you now see we have been guided through this whole process behind the scenes and have become way more powerful because of us, the people who are awake and have awakened others for the last 3 years. A death by a thousand cuts, and you are all part of it. Stay on mission friends! Nothing can stop what’s coming

8 – Cloning or real ?

9a – Un-insurable Australia ?


9b – Bankwest closes branches in WA.

Some bankers are getting desperate as QFS approaches – get you $$ 0ut – Bendigo Bank seems to be safer

10a – Council rates declared invalid by Supreme Court


10b – Remote connection software installed on election management systems In case you have not seen it or got it.


11a – Bill Gates urges Govt’s to replace farmers with AI ‘Smart Farming’ Bots


11b – British MP calls for Bill Gates hanging

12 – Questions raised about the $3 billion Aukus deal – Nuclear submarines

13a – Wells Fargo is Unifying QFS and Redemption Centres

Wells Fargo’s approach to implementing the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and establishing Redemption Centers is a clear testament to its commitment to innovation, security, and customer service in the evolving financial landscape. The bank’s strategy is multifaceted, focusing on ensuring a seamless transition for customers, enhancing security, and providing clear, beneficial exchange opportunities.

Implementation of the Quantum Financial System (QFS)

1. Integration with Existing Services: Wells Fargo plans to integrate QFS seamlessly with its existing banking services, allowing customers to easily transition to the new system. This involves upgrading their infrastructure to support QFS technology, ensuring a smooth, secure, and efficient banking experience.

2. Staff Training and Expertise: The bank is investing in comprehensive training for its finance department professionals who will manage the QFS. This ensures that staff are well-versed in the  intricacies of the system and can provide knowledgeable support to customers navigating the transition.

3. Enhanced Security Measures: By requiring transactions to be overseen by individuals with Treasury or Homeland Security identification, Wells Fargo is prioritizing the security of its customers’ transactions. This move is designed to instill confidence in the system’s integrity and the bank’s commitment to safeguarding financial assets.                                                                                                                                                                                     

13b – Hope this is true ?

14a – Architecture of Tartaria uses sound waves to heal – which is cymatics

14b – Same stars every night – for evolutionists + globullists

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