2024/03/17th – We play the waiting game  

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1a – Message from Q and see 5d

1b – Insider Exposes April 8th Emergency & More

FBI doing drills at hospitals., shut down communication  ??  Lockdown to  get the homeless people together… Let’s see… waiting game.


2 – Damn good shooting – Officer

3a – Spike Protein is Fake

3b – Dr. McCullough: “Virtually All the Deaths Occurred in the Hospital”

3c – Australian Federal Court throws out Covid mRNA vaccine challenge.

This simply shows us how corrupt the judiciary is.


4a – Proof we are fully surveilled 24 hours a day


4b – When your kids want to identify as ….

5a – Marilyn Monroe’s death 60 years later.

5b – Kate Middleton Was Murdered in ‘Illuminati Blood Sacrifice’


5c – Assange + Wikileaks (Pascal)

5d – Trump – the final battle

There probably will be no election

This might trigger some people, but please keep an open mind. This is more important than politics. I came to Twitter in 2017. A few years later a senior space program official came forward to confirm the same information. I also said that Trump was told by Pleiadians that we’re in the final days before a Shift to a new Earth dimension where there will be full disclosure and open contact. Now Trump is talking about a “Final Battle” and a “Quantum Leap”, and he’s never stopped repeating “The Best Is Yet To Come”. I hope this is all starting to make sense. This is why the satanic establishment hates him. Pray he knows whether they are demons pretending or White Hat Guardian Angels – who can know for sure ?

And dare I even suggest, could they be super human types from distant lands in the realm of creation as in Video 4a on


6a – Australian Politicians Caught Completely Lying – Again

6b – Woolworths Oxenford Qld was able to recognise paper legal tender notes as legal. If we do not make a stand we will lose out

I had occasion today to make a purchase at Woolworths supermarket at Oxenford Qld. It went against my grain but I could not get what I wanted anywhere else. I made my selection and went to the cashier who was a young girl, late teens, who looked at the $20 and $5 paper notes and asked “What are these, I’ve never seen these before.” Quite expected as she may never have seen them or handled them. I just said you can ask your supervisor about them, they are legal tender, real Australian money. She asked an older woman who said “I haven’t seen those for a while and yes they are legal tender”. The youngster wanted to make sure (Can’t blame her for that needing to be sure) so she ask a supervisor, a middle aged man, who said “Yes legal tender we can accept those.” No problem there, unlike IGA, but I will still not go to WW or Coles or IGA as we have a Foodworx locally and the owner there took the paper notes without question. Having written a letter to IGA HQ I await with bated breath an apology, even if IF I GET ONE I still will not buy from them again. Leonard

7 – The White Rabbit – which holocaust ?


8 – Home Made Pipe Bow – Simple Home Defence

9 – Don’t wanna know – what is truth ?

10 – Nesara update

This comes from the Germain Trust where the money comes from. According to the article they can only release the funds on Easter or on Christmas. I worked it out that everything will be revealed on the 20thUS time and be finished on Easter morning. I think we will get our dates before the internet goes down.


11a – President Vladimir Putin made Tartaria maps available to the public on 15th January, 2013

This act demonstrates to the world that Russia is embarking on a journey of revealing this truth, non fake, CABAL history. FACT: When we were put onto the Julian calendar, we lost 5000 years of true history [time].  We have been on an alternate timeline based on fake history since – and have only just started awakening & learning about some of that lost history. “On 15 January 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin inaugurated a new archive where #Tartaria  maps are made available to the public.” The Enigma of the Lost Empire: Russian President Vladimir Putin Makes New Tartaria Archive Public 


11b – 19th century safe – better remember the combination

12 – Ancient bloodlines – contempory power

Long but very interesting * the bloodlines go way back


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