2024/03/18th – Is this how you feel ?

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1a – Just in – unconfirmed but very sus

I said he wouldn’t make it to April. And Princess Kate hasn’t been seen for 80 days ? not even a pic in hospital – also sus

1b – Australia Signs WEF Treaty To Close ALL Major Banks and Switch to Fully Cashless Society

October is a long way off yet in the QFS battle –


1c – English Common law replaced with Talmud

2a – Is this how you feel ?

2b – Congress and Admin arrested after illegally certifying the 2020 election and inauguration

Not the best pics – recorded  Dec 2023

2c – Pres. Trump kicked out of New York City Hall – Listen carefully as to why

“God doesn’t give his toughest soldiers the toughest battles,  He creates the toughest soldiers through life’s toughest battles.” -“As metal is tempered in the fire, Men’s souls are tempered in the fire of life.”

3a – Max Igan banned

3b – Rod Culleton is Invited to Support the National Strike Australia


4 – Pascal Najadi  is a good guy

5a – Did the Bible warn us about the jab ?

5b – Turbo cancers

Welcome to their New World Order, as their, Grates, Grouchi, etc, especially BIG HARMA, and all those doctors, who encouraged their clients to get vaccinated, with an unknown chemical, drug, are guilty of willfully murdering millions of citizens, and, legally, ALL DOCTORS, who encouraged their client to get vaccinated, are guilty of MURDER. There is no question of that, nor is there any defense for their criminal behaviour.  There was a slogan used, in the medical profession, that they swore to, “DO NO HARM!” These doctors, who inoculated their clients, with this toxic killer drug, are absolutely guilty of MURDER, and should be charged with wilful murder!  There is  no excuse, and  my doctor tried to con me into getting SHOT. 

 I said, “NO, thanks” He, the doctor, who took the shot is now dead, and, Praise the LORD, one believes EVERY doctor, who vaccinated their client with an unknown, unproven chemical, must be found guilty of murder. This bloke said “NO WAY”. He, the doctor, is now dead, and, it will be questionable if his family can claim any insurance, as he willfully committed self harm, didn’t he? 

BIG PHARMA, the source of all these toxic chemicals, too, should be sued, by all those who lost family, friends, as a result of accepting this chemical poison into their body, trusting the media blurb which convinced them that this treatment was safe, non life threatening! This has been the greatest mass murder ever conduct, against the human race, by BIG PHARMA, and their subservient doctor/drug pusher staff, the doctors, the medical/maternal/fraternal servants who blindly believed what they were told, by BIG PHARMA. Hey, do any on those doctors want to purchase a used car? We do great deals, no, we don’t take cheques!  From Rick B

6 – Salt + water + a light bulb

7a – History is a lie

7b – What is the Book of Revelation about ?

8 – The best is yet to come

9 – Barbara O’Neill – Home Remedies


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