2024/03/19th – Are we winning ? … yep

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1 – Are we winning ?


2a – Pascal Nadadi – Arthur Roberts is the actor playing Biden  

Enjoy the awakening, Beyond Biblical and the Traitor Swiss 🇨🇭 Government will be picked up by US military Justice and then, well, you remember the song of Kill Bill? Having fun, because for us at the USSF?  THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT. 
Sincerely,  pnajadi@spaceforce.center  www.spaceforce.center

2b – The end of the Deep State

This means the ending of your film is really, really close now. … Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano exposes Pizzagate and names Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and former editor of The Recount, Slade Sohmer, who was recently arrested for child porn. He also discusses how Jeffrey Epstein ran a blackmail operation on his island and collected evidence of well-known people committing heinous ritual crimes against children…. Surprise visit to London by the Obama-Fake is of course part of the now accelerating surfacing of the ongoing U.S. led global defence war military operation #STORM – Corrupt Mainstream was positioned and they shot the clone, took the bait and now, enjoy the unfolding wake up call by so many of you. You all now see the arranged exposure of our Stratagems. This means the ending of your film is really, really close now. But don’t get up from your cinema seat yet, cool, remain seated and focused, get another bucket of Popcorn

Look who is recorded

3a -Hope on a rope ? 93 Senators executed for treason – is this true – we will soon know


3b – Clintons’ Pedo + Cannibal Club in Haiti exposed by locals


4a – What were their plans for dissidents and/or the vaxxed dead

4b – Julian and family are all free, never were imprisoned.

We obtained permission from  the 🇺🇸 Special Ops. Operative to publish his audio here for the benefit of the Truth.  And yes it’s true, trust me, Julian and family are all free, never were imprisoned. It was part of our Stratagems to entrap all of the bad and sick people out there. Those many rogues of the Swiss 🇨🇭 Government in Swiss Territory will not celebrate the Summer of 2024


5a – Hijacking of Aust State Governors

This video will show You, The People just how untrustworthy ALL Politicians are, the Truth must be told, at all costs, so hopefully We have put the information together in a way that helps Everyone comprehend what these Deceitful Untrustworthy Political Parties have done and doing BEHIND ALL OUR BACKS All the Links are supplied below to ALL the Evidence


5b – Australian parliament gate-crashed by Palestinian protesters


5c – Digital ID rollout – Trumps says he will not permit it – see 5d

5d – RV update from Graham Hodsdon – I hope and believe he is right

6a – Anyone wishing to send a letter to Federal Digital ID Jackie Gallagher feel free to use the draft below:

Senator The Honourable Katy Gallagher Unit 3, 40 Corinna Street Phillip ACT [2606]

Subject: Concerns Regarding Digital ID Bill 2023

Dear Senator Gallagher,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my deep concerns and seek clarification regarding the Digital ID Bill 2023, particularly considering your push for its implementation. While I understand the importance of identity in the modern age, there are several points of concern that I believe need to be addressed for the benefit of all Australians. Firstly, the wording of the bill, which aims “to provide the accreditation of entities in relation to digital IDs and to establish the Australian Government Digital ID system and for related purposes,” is troubling due to its lack of specificity regarding these “related purposes.” The Australian people deserve a clear and comprehensive understanding of the government’s intentions and the scope of the Digital ID system. Moreover, there is a well-established and proven set of methods for authentication that is currently in place. The implementation of a Digital ID system raises questions about the necessity of such a system and whether it will truly enhance the security and efficiency of existing authentication methods.

The increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats against “government” and other commercial entities raises a genuine concern for cybersecurity in the context of a Digital ID system. It is crucial that the government provides detailed information on the measures in place to safeguard against potential cyber-attacks and protect the sensitive personal information of Australians. Additionally, there is a need for clarity regarding the global implications of the Digital ID system. Will this ID be recognized internationally, and will it tie into any UN/WHO treaties or other applications that may compromise Australian security and sovereignty? The Australian people require more details about the international aspects of the Digital ID system to ensure that it aligns with our national interests and values. I urge you to consider these concerns and advocate for transparency and accountability in the implementation of the Digital ID system. It is essential that the government provides the Australian public with sufficient information to make informed decisions about the implications of this significant development. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I trust that you will represent the interests and concerns of your constituents in the ongoing discussions regarding the Digital ID Bill 2023.

Sincerely, (initials)

6b – A real Mayor doing his job

7a – Helicopter and a fox – too close to a 5G tower

7b – Wind turbines – free energy  –  yeh right

7c – To all complainers, gatekeepers, trolls + ignorant sheep

IMPORTANT NOTE: IF THE DEEPSTATE / CABAL’S AGENDA WOULD NOT BEEN DESTROYED BY THE WHITE HATS / EARTHALLIANCE…… YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES WOULD BE STILL DETAINED (LOCKED UP) OR ALREADY DEAD > ELIMINATED The complainers in the movement expecting us to unravel a death cult in time for dinner is purely adolescent. When you comprehend  what you have been saved from, with the complexities of keeping the supply chain active and the grid powered is nothing short of miraculous. There was a 100% chance that you and your families were destined for FEMA quarantine camps. SPREAD GRATITUDE OR BE QUIET PLEASE!! OPERATIONS ONGOING.


8a – Curing Cancer and Crime


8b – History reminder

8c – Melbourne engineer – 1963 Ford Falcon runs on steam

9a – She knows what she is doing.

9b – Children in a shopping centre

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