2024/03/20th – How bad does it have to get before you act ?

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1 – How bad does it have to get before you act ?

2a – Donald Trump says Kevin Rudd will be gone

This the best news we have heard for many a long time. We hope that communist clown the Ruddy gets the arse from his position as “Ambassador” very soon. He is about as useful as a hip pocket on a single, an ashtray on a motorbike and a Boeing Max.

You communist people in OUR parliaments should study Donald J. Trump and pick up a few clues as to how to run a country. You have done nothing but fail so far, and give away hard earned money of THE PEOPLE/TAXPAYERS of Australia. You don’t even understand that IT IS OUR MONEY and it does not belong to the political parties.  Fancy you giving money to the criminal terrorists in the Middle East without asking US, THE PEOPLE for OUR permission. It explains who and what you are.

You need to learn a little history. Study up on BOB MENZIES and find out how he remained as Prime Minister for 25 years. I am told that when his Chief Of Staff once asked him why he was baulking at a new project, he said “I don’t like spending other peoples money unless I really have to.”


2b – Trump said that Prince Harry will get no special privileges if he lied on his visa application.

2c – Politicians Your time is up

3a – The Narrative for Jan 6 is changing

3b – Green Light Has Been Given By President Trump – Global Military Alliance In Motion

A Q Clearance is equivalent to a U.S. Department of Defense Top Secret clearance. According to the Department of Energy, "Q access authorization corresponds to the background investigation and administrative determination similar to what is completed by other agencies for a Top Secret National Security Information access clearance

4a – Bluetooth in the cemetery

Jabbed people and anyone still using a smartass phones are total idiots

4b – Magnetic meat – from Julian Assange Telegram channe

A pic of Hillary after execution from Julian Assange

4c – Deadly quiet – wall of science – excess deaths


5 – WARNING! 2024 Total Eclipse Prediction

Eclipses are not rare – so what’s the big deal with this one ?


6 – Freeloaders of the week. Albanese – Tony Burke – Adam Bandt 

7 – Illegal immigrants and how to deal with them

8a – What happened to Canada, The Police + the Church?

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel


8b – The above Bishop’s thoughts on Trump

While he was speaking in Australia


9a – Obama arrives at Downing St – 18 March

9b – Barry County Sheriff releases 10,00 Dominion emails

10 – 60 Minutes: Preparing for World War 3


11a – Chemtrail expose by forecasters.  

11b – Shocking beam forming demo from Telstra


12 – Russian. German + British athletes – what do you see ?

13a – Boeing needs to hire this woman immediately 

13b – 55 years later – moon landing broadcast

14a – QFS The New Financial System ~ all connected

14b – Nesara/Gesara – The New Petro-Coin

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