2024/03/22nd  – Short and to the point 

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1 – The only difference between 100mls of Arsenic and a smartass phone is the – kill you time

2 – Special announcement from President Trump. 

It seems I was misinformed about the announcement time – we should know Saturday morning if it was true or a hoax

Rumours are the RV will start after the announcement – if it is true

3 – Tesla Graveyards, dead cars everywhere

Dead Royals pic ↓ – many countries – is this true ?

4 – JFK Jnr – is he waiting in line ?

U.S. and Allied Military Forces fighting for you day and night in dangerous active war duty. Respect them at all times. This is no joke, we are at a current U.S. 🇺🇸 led real covert Global Defence War.

5 – Dinosaur skull discovered ?

End of Post

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