2024/03/230th  – National Strike Australia – starts Tuesday

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This post concentrates on the National Strike – beginning with criminal Local Councils and their $$ extortion via illegal rates – Is it worth a few hours to understand what to do and keep several thousands of your $$… how many $1000s per hour do you earn now that you can continue to pay extortion? Part of the strike action on Tuesday will be all ratepayers do not pay rates. And do you want cash abolished ? see Item 6

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1 – National Strike Australia – starts Tuesday

Please take a look if you have not already done so and sign up for the Notice to Remedy to the usual suspects.  It is NOT A PETITION asking them for anything, it is a Demand Notice telling them what we want.


2 – STOP Paying Rates etc to Council Corp ( See Description; Council Rates Instructional video with links, forms etc; I’m in)


letters etc


3 – Stop paying Rates


4 – Unlawful Council Tax – Common Law Court – Criminal Councils extorting money


see the video(s) (following this one ↑ ↑

5 – Wyatt (CMJ) Interview With Commo John 30/3/2024


6a – Australians set to protest tap and go on ‘Draw out some Cash Day’


6b – New protest proving physical money still has a place in our wallets


7 – Facebook – How to use it

8 – Instant Karma

9 – A high school fitness program from 1962.

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