2024/03/23rd  – Taking turns at nappin’ waitin’ for somthin’ to happen 

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Well – it seems the alleged Trump announcement was a hoax. I received it from only 1 subscriber – no real source was given. But we must not give up hope that the Father is in charge and will protect those who trust Him. He rarely provides personal miracles but does appoint the right man to do the job.

1a – Trump released 3 Patents while President 

1b – Trump and military blow the whistle – Cloning labs exposed

2a – Hong Kong has fallen – China uncensored


2b – 10,000 Illegal aliens used the same social security number to vote in 2020 just in Arizona

3a – Tim – It’s all contract – Govt has no authority


3b – Where Have all the Insects Gone? ♪Long time passing♪

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4 – Alex Jones confronts Skull and Bones

5 – The Final Countdown Begins


6 – Unwanted people at your door ?

7 – No matter what you think of Charlie Ward

I recommend that you watch this video he has put out with this interview with MIKI KLANN. She has shown that if you think you know everything you need to know, there is still more to learn. She has played the game and had many wins over the bastards.


8 – Paul Potts – winner of Britain’s Got Talent

A former phone salesman with a mortgage, the lotIt changed his life – brilliant


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