2024/03/24th  – What on Earth is being eclipsed

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1a – What is being eclipsed ?

1b – Why The 2024 TOTAL ECLIPSE Will Be Special


1c – The April 8 2024 Eclipse and the 7 cities named Nineveh


1d – 5 Incredibly Rare Things That Will Appear in The Sky in 2024


2a – Three Royals down with cancer – another psyop ?

2b – Reptilians + Bluebloods – Greg Reese

2c – Royal Hunting Games

3a – Pascal Nadadi  short update

AWK- Melania dress>Orchid, resignations, Hunter done, elections, Black SWAN, FAST Pray! TY JGANON

3b – What the New York subway is like now


4a – Global warming hoax exposed in 1992.

4b – What was once just a “conspiracy theory” or “internet myth”

confined to the fringes of society is now becoming official policy to keep the planet from “warming” or “boiling.”


5a – Nurses, doctors, midwives – find your voice or you are complicit

5b – NZ – Vax pushing GREENS politician killed by the vax

5c – The Hidden Source of Heart Attacks – Root Canals


6 – Hairy featherless chickens

7 – Military Deploys Med Beds & Trains for Revolutionary Operations – Inside Tesla’s Life-Changing Med Bed


8 – Six Anti-inflammatory foods for knees, hips and back




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