2024/03/25th  – As God asked Noah – how long can you tread water ?

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1 – Was Kate Middleton video also a CGI ?

2 – A new reality is unfolding

3 – NEW Rain Tax. Taxing You on – Every Square Inch of Property You Own. Insanity is Expensive


4 – Constitutional Crisis


5 – Stop the War on Cash

Complaining and petitions (begging) will not stop anything – Demand and use cash now everywhere no matter what


6 – Rudd Calling Trump a ‘Problem,’ ‘Liability,’

Sky News has revealed more footage of now-Ambassador Kevin Rudd calling Donald Trump, who was US President at the time, a political liability – saying he’s a problem for the world and must be removed as president.  The footage obtained of Rudd prior to becoming Ambassador by SkyNews.com.au today comes after the former president called Rudd “nasty” in an interview with GB News host Nigel Farage.  He also said Australia’s Ambassador to the US wouldn’t stay long in his posting if he remained hostile towards him. 

“The freshly unearthed videos from showing Rudd ridiculing Trump’s intellect raise serious questions about his viability in Washington should Trump return to the White House,” Ms Markson said. “Trump’s remarks about Australia’s politically divisive and controversial Washington ambassador have gone global, with Rudd’s media and political supporters working overtime to claim he’s doing a terrific job and has developed contacts on both sides of the aisle.  “But Rudd can’t escape from his past invective which is coming back to bite him as Trump’s path towards the White House gathers steam.”


7 – Jabbed Australian Idol judge went dowwnnn

MARCIA HINES… look at what the other guy says,,, they made it a nothing but….then

8 – Stew Peters – Brilliant message for all

Why does this man have to do what every pastor, teacher and everyone should be doing ?

Also see https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/forgotten-history/02-two-laws-that-started-ww2/

9 – Wyatt – the Storm update 25 Mar

These are Wyatt’s opinions only and not claims of any insider knowledge

10a – Obama/ Biden/ Clinton/ Pelosi White House Pedophile Ring Revealed

Ignore the Divine Prayer video on this link ↓ – it is a long hoax


10b – Redemption appoint Reminder 

You are special. You are Sovereign. Just ask at Redemption/exchange Appointment if The Alliance has program(s) for your use.  I know The Alliance has them if you wish to use the program(s) from the Alliance you may sign directly with The Alliance ie. no middle party.

Signed with BLUE or PURPLE pen Get copy of everything you signed for your records Get business cards of everyone you meet at Redemption/exchange Appointment.  If they don’t have business cards, please write down their details – name & contact details Please bring 2 photo IDs Please bring note pad or book instead of writing on pieces of paper – they get lost! Bring all your BONDS, currencies & SKRs don’t lose sight of them as you can only redeem/exchange if you have them!

Remember NDAs – don’t lose your funds! Remember PRIVATE BANKING JURISDICTION ONLY, ’NOT’ business or personal banking, public jurisdiction

Please ask  -may I have Proof of Funds Letters for each State or Country I wish to buy Homes and Land in? – may I have 20 CLEAN AND CLEAR CERTIFICATES on their Letterhead to verify that your funds are legal? -May I make my Med Bed Appointment? -if you wish to build Med Bed Healing Centre ask how to register for 3-5 days conference  All the best♥️🌷😇


Here is the order of which you will go for your med bed procedure 

1, Those who have currency to exchange funds for projects they are developing.

2, The dependants of those who have currency to exchange funds for projects they are developing.

3, Those who have currency to exchange for projects but do not have projects themselves. 

4, The dependants of those who have currency to exchange but do not have projects themselves.

5, Managers and those directly involved in setting up and developing projects.

6, Staff that you hire to work in your projects once they are complete and ready to open.

7, The public.

Dependants are those people/animals that you actively care for due to illness, injury, no longer able to care for themselves. Dependants do NOT refer to children or those requiring care that you do NOT actively care for

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