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1 – Blade Runners v ULEZ – a brilliant win

2a – Don’t be afraid of the DIGITAL ID bill 

2b – The Bill – to the House of Reps for “debate” Senator Alex Antic  

The Digital ID Bill is not law as it has to go through the House of Reps

3a – Welcome to Country – Alice Springs style

3b – Occupied Australia – Tim Dwyer


6c – Queensland government facing ‘thousands’ of potential compo claims after vaccines ruling


4a – Real greenie logic

4b – One hailstorm in Damon Texas  1000s of acres of solar panels

Nature does not like Solar Panels covering good farmland

5a – A practical Sherriff – “we prefer that you do actually” @ 10 seconds mark

5b – EXIT the WHO Begins

The Senate In The State of Louisiana Just Voted To Ban All Rules And Mandates From The WHO, WEF And The UN From Being Enforced.


5c – Child Protection Services is Force-Vaccinating your Kids after they Kidnap them


6 -The Bridge collapse – What is the truth ?

Phyllis Texas – I have not found out the legitimacy of this report – due to it is a paid subscription from ‘buy me a coffee’ platform. Project Camelot (Kerry Cassidy) from the Chief of Police ALLIANCE RESCUE OP AKA BRIDGE COLLAPSE. Chief Mar 28, 2024



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The top pic has the video. The bottom pic shows the route the authorities said the ship took.  After viewing the video, you can plainly see that was not the route it took. The Alliance was plainly in command. There may have been a fight below deck with the Alliance. This was one of the most brilliant operations the Alliance has ever done. It was done in such a way, everyone thinks it was the black hats. It was not an accident. It was definitely a strategic operation. The Alliance had to stop the ship to get the children rescued before it went into open seas. The Dali had come from New York port where it was said it picked up containers with children in them and then went to Baltimore which is a major trafficking hub. The Alliance was on board to steer the ship into the bridge. They made it look like an accident to get the ship stopped. I wasn’t told how they got on the ship. Just that they were there.

The Alliance was on the bridge and steered the ship right into the bridge. They had people on both sides of the bridge to stop traffic just before the collision to keep the traffic off. Look at the points the bridge broke into. I could see explosives going off in that area. Look real close. It was brilliant. They needed to stop the ship for a long time to affect the rescue. I was not told how they were going to rescue the children, only that they did. They knew exactly where they were. It was told to investigators that the ship had no crew on the bridge. Sec. Bootyjuice lost his cool when someone told him there was no one on the bridge. There was supposed to be a local crew on the bridge to get it out to open water, but there wasn’t. The Alliance deserves an honour award for pulling this rescue off in what looked like an accident. You can expect all sorts of coverup lies on this one. In rescue operations there is going to be collateral damage.

7a – Trump snags a major victory that has Democrats worried sick.

From the outset of Trump’s campaign as he descended the escalator at Trump Tower, the Left has had it out for him. Why? Because he’s a billionaire who doesn’t have to rely on big donors to bankroll his campaign. Instead, he can shoot from the hip and no one can tell him otherwise. After years upon years of attempts to bring him down, he still reigns supreme in the Republican Party. So what do you do after character assassinations don’t work and Trump seems poised to retake office? You go for the man’s money. It’s why they have tried to charge him hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and fines for trumped up charges. They know if he can’t pay the ever-mounting fines and fees, they will be able to take his property, hamper his campaign, and possibly throw him in jail.

But now their entire plan has blown up right in their face. Former President Donald Trump’s net worth increased to $6.4 billion on Monday when the merger of Digital World Acquisition Corp. and Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. was formally completed, according to a report. According to the site, Trump, 77, will be included in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index of the world’s richest 500 for the first time. The real estate mogul’s previous highest net worth was $3.1 billion. Trump’s net worth increased by $4 billion with the merging of his Trump Media Group and blank-check acquisition firm Digital World. Trump Media will begin trading on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker “DJT,” a reference to the likely Republican presidential nominee’s initials, according to a company statement.

Trump owns a 58% share in the publicly traded firm. And with that share, he has solidified that he will be able to take on whatever the Left throws at him. Obviously, he won’t be selling his shares en masse, or else the company would completely tank. But he has a nest egg of $4 billion in his back-pocket that makes him untouchable by the Democrats and their witch hunts. Trump Media’s most valuable asset is Truth Social, a social media site where the former president — known as @realDonaldTrump — has a following of over 6.7 million members. Trump founded Truth Social after being suspended from Twitter (now known as X) and Facebook in 2021 as a result of the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

7b – The Trump Time Travel Miracle: Who Is Q+?


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