2024/03/29th  – Choices we must all face

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1 – Choices we must all face

How interesting is the method of Corp Gov Co. They believe that you and I should be tracked like cattle, sheep and pigs, No ID of their making No Participation in any aspect Of Society. What do you say about that. Who is the Master and Who Is The Servant?   Communist China System In Australia. Will you Cry Foul When The Gate Is Slammed Shut OR STAND NOW? Either ACT and physically do something and protect our Country OR just keep complaining without Action and watch it DIE,  Your Choice!!!!!  There NOW Must Be Political Civil Disobedience By All Good People

Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/LalmBRS5SX8l/

Tuesday 2nd April & Wednesday 3rd April take a piece of Paper into the Federal MP office that says, No Digital ID Without Consent No Debate = Not Lawful I Do Not Consent And leave it there.   Fill their Office With Paper.

2a – Senator Alex Antic

Despite the fact that over 64% of South Australians rejected the Federal Voice to Parliament, SA Labor forged ahead with a legislated state Voice. A minuscule voter turnout out and a cost to taxpayers of $10.3 million for this a completely pointless exercise. Yesterday I addressed the Senate in relation to why the SA state Voice should be scrapped. To hear more from me and stay up to date, signup to my email newsletter here: https://alexantic.com.au/join

2b – South Australia’s state Voice to Parliament ‘deeply offensive’ to Aboriginal communities


3 – Owner of the ship that crashed – sister-in-law of Mitch McConnell died hours before crash

4 – Several short videos on English farmers


5a – Trump with General Flynn at Mar a Lago 

Not good sound – but read the words

5b – Trump is now richer than Soros


5c – Trump offered $5mill to see proof Obama was born in USA

Improved sound

6a – We are watching accelerated DECLAS.

What we are seeing now is a culmination of what Trump called – the PAUSE… And I have a feeling it’s only just beginning. NCSWIC was NEVER just a catch phrase… I thought everyone would have picked up on it when Trump started closing with a song titled such at his rallies. But here we are. Now the world finds out.

When DJT began to talk about “quick trials” and the death penalty for drug dealers and human traffickers. I believe he was both being honest and also narrative seeding at the same time. “If we are right about the fraud. Then Joe Biden can’t be president.” If we can come to the conclusion that Trump put some sort of process in place to save our Republic from the obvious infiltration. “The pause” Then we then can only assume that Joe looks so different because it’s not him. If that is not Joe Biden.. and all of the Biden crime families atrocities are being exposed for all to see.. then what can be the only assumption? The military is the only way. Well how does the military handle treason? Tribunal. Quick trial. Death penalty. The public has become so used to seeing treason play out and nothing being done. Trump is preparing the public to see the truth. Bet me and lose.

6b – October 7 – Al Jazeera Investigations

Larry please put this video on your website. IT TELLS THE TRUTH – GrahamThe Palestinians are the original Bible occupantsThe beligerent occupiers are the Israelies (jews) who Christ identified in John 8.44, Every Israelie spokesman is lying all thru this video – that is their nature – genocide. Recorded here in case it is removed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0atzea-mPY

6c – Kate Middleton’s cancer is a psyop to normalise turbo cancer depopulation event


7a – Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 29, – This info is opinions as is most info today

The upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 8th 2024 is going to be MIND BLOWING & BIBLICAL.

Interestingly…Rapture, IN is the centre point of the “X” where BOTH eclipse paths will have crossed


7b – Navy served Judicial Notice🚨

Head of Royal Australia Navy.. Vice Admiral Mark Hammond has been served Judicial notice JS029587168GB and global constitution Where as it is the duty of the navy to protect these shores and this land continent from Belligerent Occupation or foreign evasion Where as it is not a game of bull rush, and when the evidence is presented of that Belligerence, it is the Navy’s job also to bring to justice those that have breached our boarders without the consent and  knowledge of the people, which is the very definition of Belligerence The final direction must be that Mark Hammond needs to do what ever it takes to put in place ensure that the control of the continent is handed back total control to the rightful place the people and not the corporations

Vote this long weekend, Share the website, get people to vote When the support is there this all ends. END THE BELLIGERENT OCCUPATION Aussies supporting Aussies


7b – Update: Covid Royal Commission .. 764 pages published

Superb work by a great team. I put the download button up the top. However, their story is worth reading. Love from Den

.. download the 764 pages .. a 44MB file

Response From The People’s Terms Of Refe… 44.1MB ∙ PDF file

7c – Digital ID Bill

8a – Many Will Fall Into The Beast System and Take The Mark Because Of This

Remember – all prophesy is conditional and is subject to our actions – 2nd Chron 7.14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. It is not all inevitable and prayers wont helpAmbulances do not rush to Churches or prayer groups


8b – You can also start by not allowing govt to remove cash – use cash every opportunity

9a – The Greenhouse Conspiracy (1990)


9b – Climate the Movie


10 – When you are told to belt up – did you know this ?

11 – The Greatest Story Never Told (Full Documentary)

This doco is sought by many – How Hitler woke up to the jew bankers and rebuilt his country using a proper $$ system – It is too big for me to download takes a while to open


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