2024/03/31st  – April 8 – will it just come and go – or Matt 24.6 ?

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1 – Wise words from Graham Hodsdon

2a – Eclipse 8 April – will it simply come and go ?


2b – What Will Happen On April 8th 2024 ?

2c – Russian Warships Have Officially Entered the Red Sea – March 28th – Rev16:12-14 + Matt 24.6

3a – Louisiana Senate Blocks UN. WHO and WEF


3b – North Korean nuclear threat

Fear not – There will be wars and rumours of wars Matt 24.6

3c – Terrifying update on HAARP

4 – The Easter bunny is not happy

5a – Reminder revisit Items 1 – 5 in case you missed it


5b – Apparently GG Hurley just stood down

Can anyone confirm this ??

1 reply so far On the MSM News Sunday night they reported his term was expiring.

6a – White Rabbit – collapse of the Digital ID Bill

6b – Chris Bowen abandons EV ‘disaster’


6c – ‘Most humiliating week’ for ‘dangerously incompetent’ government : Bolt


7a – Ivermectin Cures – from Aussie Doctor

7b – More vax for babies in Qld ??

8a – Baltimore bridge collapse – General Mike Flynn


8b – Structural engineer about the Baltimore bridge collapse


9a – Judge Napolitano reveals his chilling last phone call with Trump

9b – The president of Mexico’s proposal for stemming immigration

The U.S. commit $20 billion a year to poor countries in Latin America and the Caribbean – Lift sanctions on Venezuela + End the Cuban embargo + Legalize law-abiding Mexicans living in the U.S.

10 – Laser in Tartaria ??

11 – RV update – we will see ?

MilitiaMan saying now that Iraq is revaluing in country He said in another chat that this means they are RVing in country – MZ said a couple of days ago when this happens its ON!!! Notes from the USA Fellow citizens of the world, because the dawn of a new era is upon us. The winds of change they blow strongly while the rumors about a global reset Currency (GCR) resonate throughout the world. Prepare to witness the revelation of a financial revolution

Expecting USN (United States Note ) from atm’s soon. Important EBS  worldwide message soon. Important real CIC message soon. Both dinars and dong in very high double digits.  ZIM will be redeem 1 to 1 period. Expecting 800 numbers at any moment now.

12 – 40 Days after Eclipse – Pentecost Two Witness – Sign of Jonah


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