2024/04/03rd – Major events or psyops

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1a – Major Events or psyops – April 8th Solar Eclipse

1b – Who or what will trigger WW3: CIA, ISIS or RUSSIA ?

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti  – play 1.25 speed


2a – 7.5 Earthquake just hit Taiwan

2b – Tucker Carlson Learns About ‘The Most Evil Thing Ever Done

2c – 9News Melbourne – Sneaky Andrews

The new Premier insists her government is playing by the rules in keeping Daniel Andrews’ text messages and emails about Hotel Quarantine secret. Jacinta Allan fired back following allegations documents may have been destroyed.

3a – Visiting a Chemist to object to their continuing to jab people with poi$on.

3b – Chris Bowen ditched his Tesla for a RAAF VIP jet.

3c – A good way to bring in the $$$$. Fine them 4 times for the one offence.

3d – Police horses know there’s something wrong

3e – Honest pre-flight briefing

Who would be game to fly anyway – pilot heart attacks – planes falling apart ?

4 – Video 1 Holt Murder


5 – Wernher von Braun knew the facts

6a – Australia History Part 1

6b – Australia History Part 2 – the 1st 100 yrs

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