2024/04/04th – Eclipse is getting really weird

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If the Sun rises in the East & sets in the West, then how come the eclipse trajectory is Southwest to Northeast?

Solve 2 problems at once – Ship all illegals to Ukraine

1a – The April 8 Eclipse is Getting Really Weird

1b – Trumpet sounds heard across the World

In a world where truth often gets buried beneath layers of deception, there are alarming reports of trumpet-like sounds echoing across the world. These eerie sounds are more than mere auditory oddities; they may be harbingers of a sinister truth. Join us on this journey as we explore the enigmatic connections between these trumpet sounds, covert intelligence operations involving Hezbollah, Russia, and Israel, and the unsettling underground tunnels that lie beneath our feet.

In recent times, humanity has been witness to a series of bewildering events that seem to defy explanation. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, one phenomenon has taken the world by storm: the eerie trumpet sounds being heard across the world. These ominous noises have prompted conspiracy theories, religious prophecies, and a relentless pursuit of the truth. But is there more to these trumpet sounds than meets the ear? Are they linked to covert intelligence operations, underground tunnels, and the ominous signs foretold in ancient prophecies?

1c – Russia Rounding up 100,000 “LEGAL” Muslims for Deportation


2a – Emergency Alert – Turn On Your Radio & TV

Take this seriously or not – your choice – who can know ?


2b – These Messages From the Real 19th Vice President John F Kennedy Jr. for the Restored Republic Are Absolutely Wild


2c – Trump Time Travel Miracle: Incl Cheyenne Military Complex

This is Part 2 of a complete remaster of the 2022 version. Includes a major reorganization of the material and stronger clarification of the research. Part 2 confirms the theory that Nikola Tesla was involved in the design of the New Yorker Hotel.

Interesting that the new tower he built (at 6 mins) looks the same shape (with half round dome on top) as the tower installed at the Kilcoy substation 12 months ago…


2d – US marines and sailors arrive in Australia

Looks like it’s true This is dated 2nd April, 2024.


This one dated March 28 2024


2e – What would happen IF there is actually a November election

3a – Pascal Najadi – The Acceleration of surfacing the ongoing covert Global US 🇺🇸led Defence War 50 USC 1550 – Spring ’24 #STORM with Special Ops Cleansing Focus in Swiss 🇨🇭 Territory


3b – German Gov’t Admits – There Was No Pandemic


4a – Australia has a new Governor(ess)-General

Hard core leftist – Ms Mostyn had earlier worked as an advisor to Labor Party ministers, including former Prime Minister Paul Keating. She was prominent in promoting the Voice referendum and is a proponent of changing the date of Australia Day which she has referred to as “Invasion Day.” On her, now deleted, social media platform she had written “it was a bloody invasion” (The Australian 3/4/24).


4b – K ♪ k ♪ k ♪ Katy


4c – Hypocrites fly jets to clean energy event


5a – What is this ??  Graphene ?

5b – Checking young broken Hearts

5c – Where is this young mother & 3 children

6a – Good Judges can be hard to find

6b – When your wife also drives the car

6c – Farmer tells what happened when pigs were vaxxed


7a – Nesara/Gesara “The Alliance is shifting to a gold backed-economy”


7b – Holly Celiano – Public Service Announcement on QFSlisten carefully or you will be scammed


8 – Barbara O’Neill – Diabetes

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