2024/04/08th – Living in exciting times

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What time will the eclipse be in Australia? The Eclipse begins at 3.23am, reaching totality at 4.40am AEST . There’s just one problem – it’ll still be night time here in Australia, viewers won’t be able to see anything in our skies.

What might happen in USA – Do you really ‘believe’ the path of the Sun has shifted for the total eclipse… really? The Simpsons suggested that prisons will be broken open, releasing hardened criminals to do havoc, so why are thousands of national guards in all the cities along the alleged eclipse.? Others have suggested it might be a time for the fake Operation Blue Beam and who knows what the desperate Cabal might try ? Maybe something totally unexpected for good or bad – or maybe nothing at all

1a – 2024 Eclipse: A Space Force project ? play on Ytube @ 1.25 speed

1b – Be aware of CGI – It all started with an Eclipse

2a – Christians Need to Stand Up and Speak Up

Children would not be ‘confused about their gender’ …. if the adults around them would stop confusing them? There is no more time to ‘tip toe around issues’ and protect other people’s feelings, who might not like to be informed about what is happening…because their survival is on the line TODAY… and their blood will be on YOUR HANDS if you do not tell them?


2b – Open your eyes – Child Sex Trafficking Is The Real Pandemic



3a – Digital ID continues as bill has yet to go through the house of reps says Christiansen

Everyone needs to Notice politicians they don’t consent to the bill and the passing of the bill and since it was passed without any debate, it is null and void, that all associated with the passing of the bill are personally liable and accountable for its effects on the people – this is an absolute must do It can still be overturned by weight of numbers of people targeting the ministers I hope Aussies respond like the Swedes did in the many thousands and had the lockdown stopped ahead of the world Come on Aussies and lets get off our asses and get the job done. Spread the message The docs are already done 


3b – Andrew Bolt blasts ‘disastrous leftist ideology’ in Indigenous policy


4a – Pascal Najadi – He is always worth listening

All rogues on Swiss 🇨🇭 Territory linked to the 2020 Covid PsyOp will be shown where God resides. No Exceptions.  This includes the satanic Freemasonry and all pedo criminals. Our Children are protected under the prevailing US Military Justice System, no escape for criminals possible. Good so.

4b – Nikola Tesla: This is why GOD wakes you up at 3am


5 – Zimbabwe Central Bank Issuing New Notes

Is this the breaking news ? Is this the RV beginning

6 – Re-growing teeth ?


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