2024/04/09th – What happened during the eclipse

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1a – The Eclipse and the news reports

1b – A Trump promotion advert – I wonder who made this ?

2a – Eclipsing all evil – God in in charge

2b – Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine

Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine, who rules on election disputes: “Do you really think the Democrats are gonna roll over and let Trump be president again? You think they’re just gonna go away, all of a sudden find Jesus and be an honest election?”

2c – Australia : Vice-admiral David Johnston to replace Angus Campbell as Defence chief


3a – Australia : Wood Royal Commission Suicides –


3b – Australia : Supermarket Honey – Beware – buy only from the farmer at weekend markets

3c – Check outs – self serve – yeah right

4a – Israel’s Second 9/11: How Zionism Conquered JFK, America, and Palestine


4b – What is NASA hiding

5a – Useful fun things to do

5b – Journalism Headlines Gems

The next 2 short videos are researched opinions

6a – The Angelic Revelation: Cherubim, Seraphim, Watchers, and Lucifer


6b – Seraphim, Cherubim, Four living Creatures & Ophanim | Different types of Angels of God in Bible


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