2024/04/11th – Are you afraid of Digital ID ?

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1a – People ‘afraid’ of government controlled digital IDs


1b- Digital ID – Here we go – sold out again

USE CASH. Way more people are now.  (At least the awake)


1c – Digital ID – neither safe or effective


1d – Express Your Non-Consent To Digital ID Bill


1e – Director ID update, latest cashless push from World Bank and insane data breaches – 11 April

DO NOT sign up for digital ID…if they get there – refuse I still have not signed the directors ID – (received 2 sms and one letter – I didn’t answer them) never heard from them again. Watch just like the jab they have no legal acts in place, don’t get fooled.(listen to mike here)


2 – Incredible 4D scan captured footage

Wow! This is amazing. Why would anybody want to abort this beautiful baby. 

3 – Victorian Police on trial at last

4a – Geo-Engineering, Epoch Times

4b – Red alert! – Enemy from within USA

5 – Andrew Bolt blasts Penny Wong

Note – Hamas was created by Isra-lie jews – kill their own, blame anyone else – John 8.44


6a – Canadian Farmers spokesman

6b – Chalumbin – Too sacred to desecrate

Chalumbin is a vast and remote region of wilderness located on the South Western end of the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. It sits between Tully Gorge National Park and Koombooloomba National Park, approximately 15km south west of Ravenshoe.


7 – The True Cost of the Albo’s Energy Crisis


8 – Update on Julian Assange from Stella

9 – How much is Zimbabwe 100T worth?

10a – Simpsons prediction no one wants to hear

10b – Four signs remaining ?

10c – Yeshua (Jesus) appears in GAZA – 200 Muslims convert


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