2024/04/12th – A bunch of “What is True”?

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Smart meters – microwaves sending them all together in your area  and then signal back to base stations – they know how many people live in your home – TV watches you – the TV will know when you left – where you are in your home, bathroom, kitchen if you turned on anything


Most videos below can be played at 1.25 speed

1 – Australia bins 35% of multi-billion $ Covid vaxx supply


2 – Christian schools under attack

3a – Pedos control the Earth’s rich and powerful

3b – Oprah Winfrey justifying Pedos

4a – Australia needs a public Post Office bank


4b – Melbournians are battling

4c – China: No Digital ID = you cannot by food

This is what Labor wants in Australia

4d – Wayne – Dirty Deeds of Politicians and ABN Churches in Australia”

If your Church has an ABN number – you must obey the Cabal or lose your tax exemptions – so best you teach these facts instead of being the Church of Inertia see Item 2 againall prophesy is conditional – 2 Chron 7.14


5a – O J Simpson telling people to get jabbed

5b – Mass Vaccination + Cancer Victims

WATCH the first 4 min… new vax for cancer made by Bill Gates.. to kill you…


5c – Cancer cases – exploded in the last 2.5 years

5d – Heart attacks are on the rise in Victoria with defibrillators being installed in the suburbs 

6a – Aussie jab pushing reporter dead at 44

Nathan Templeton, a propaganda agent with Seven’s morning show Sunrise, has been found dead in a park near the Barwon River in Geelong.  The 44-year-old is reported to have suffered a medical episode while walking his dog.

6b – Japanese Professor – Stunning Message


7 – Who built civilisation

8a – It Wasn’t Fauci: How the Deep State Really Played Trump (mini-doc)


8b – Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower for the courthouse. People love him even more every day

8c – Donald Trump leaving Atlanta via the downtown connector. We are told this isn’t the President of The United States ?

8d – Trump’s Virtues v his Vices

God used Moses, King Solomon, King David, + St Paul who all had vices


9a – Walter Veith – Mark on Hand Or Forehead…


9b – What does the Bible say happens In Israel 


10 – Happy 80th Birthday Larry – from Eve Subscriber

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