2024/04/13th – Bondi shopping centre psyop ?

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1a – It’s my duty to save this world simply and powerfully

Let people watch until they have had enough – no one will turn this off..


1b – Solar Flares, Massive Waves?

Yesterday, a report was issued about an Anomaly coming out of Antarctica, which was observed via a database headed north into the Atlantic.  It had 80 foot tall waves.  The blob on the screen was huge. Because in an emergency, time is of the essence… I sent out that report. Today, I am grateful to Suspicious Observers, because they picked up that report…. Ben Davidson has contacts and other databases… He analysed the anomaly.

Here are his findings: No other database has the anomaly. No ships report 80 foot waves. For now, the conclusion based on the evidence gathered:  COMPUTER GLITCH. Folks… That is how we work together as “good people” to protect ourselves, our nation, and our world.  We take what we are given and go check it out. We tell the truth about what we are learning … we share it.  Fake news is different.  Know your sources.

2a – South Australian health workers forced to sign declaration for refusing jab

2b – MSM now admits the shots are toxic

3 – How they inject hormones into chickens

4 – What’s this about Angelina Jolie?

5a – US Govt mind blowing technology 

5b – News in pics for ye who don’t like to read

6a – Bondi shopping centre psyop ?

6b – Bondi attack interview

Sydney NSW These are the 2 Heroes that saved a stabbed baby that was bleeding to death. They said” there was blood everywhere”… But miraculously, after stemming the blood flow, there is not a drop of blood to be seen, on them or their clothes. Govt Psyop ??

6c – The alleged attacker

6d – Bondi compilation

Q. Why would the police wait to administer CPR? She appears to casually speak with a man walking away before ACTION! Not sure if it’s my eyes but did the blood splatter suddenly appear? Channel 9 reporter speaks with a young girl. Emma was waiting for her mother 
She doesn’t sound very upset or concerned.  The other people are supposed to be waiting for their loved ones… Why don’t I buy this… Why do so many seem so casual? More witness’ statements – inc. crocodile tears? Mixed reports are coming out form eye witnesses’ be interesting to see facts change as this story continues. Some reports the man was casually walking and stabbing, others he was on a rampage. They better get their story right. Or is this a WH show so people know what a psy-op / crisis actors are like… so they will finally see what we have seen.

7a – Trump – tracking illegals

This was pulled out of context in a speech where Trump was talking about tracking illegals in and out of America. Yes QFS will have tracking of money but Trump said no Digital ID

7b – Trump says PAY WITH CASH

8 – Carbon Capture Storage in the GAB Great Artesian Basin


9 – A real true Blue Aussie dog

10a – What happens when your feet touch the earth. 

10b – Barbara O’Neill – Cancer loves sugar

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